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Expanding upon a subject is always looked upon more fondly than paraphrasing a topic. The force of rational communication of thought needs to be rebalanced in favor of excess.

L33+ Ruelz


Ban Hammer For Not Banhammering

Shadowed Mind


For you, dear reader, so that you can know what kills us when we are at our weakest: In death, I feel as though I am changing rapidly in size, in warped relationship to the things in my environment, so… Read more…

The Cog to The Gearworks and The Grist to The Mill


As opposed to ALL other forms of prescriptivism, government prescriptivist decrees are deterministic, so as to be tautological in ideational standing. If something can be mandated to exist, it comes from old men, not gods, but slaves of even older… Read more…

System Reboot Often Imminent


Remember, boys and girls, ME AND EVERYONE ELSE can get as small as the smallest buckyball that can be built, which is infinitely small, given the propensity of buckyballzed universes to create smaller and smaller buckyballs. Buckyballs are like universes… Read more…

Improvised Music Addenda To Sapient Organism Samorost 3


                      Helluva ride. The game music is very accepting of horn overlay, perhaps as an “in” to the main character listening and playing on his own horn throughout the game!… Read more…

Dear Internet Service Provider

Ethernet Cable

I can no longer block websites in my router’s firmware. It would be even more proactive to block or unblock specific chunks or panels of data on the screen, as Ad Block software so famously does. How else am I supposed to… Read more…

A Little Turbulence in The Land of The Renaissance


We need a check for unsurvivably inserted items when regenerating universes, every time before the restocking schema bustle into place, to catch deadly items that are reintegrated into the environment by reality generators. (From the observations of my sequential perception and… Read more…

Protected: Save It Or Lose It

Mad Hatter Lithograph Style

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Ice-Cream-Blended Fingertips, And Yet The Show Must Go On! (In Lieu of Lava Lamps)


  Finally, a place where cusp overripe food can shine with it’s softness and sweetness. Starbucks-style graciousness to this ancient feast of dearth we call, “food.”   A seasonal recipe that you should jump on right away. Probably bad cinnamon… Read more…

“Ow, My Balls”


Every week is shark week? Indeed every second is shark second.

Fact Evidenceable by Massively Cooperative Fact-Assessor’s Consideration of the Multiple Competing Factories: Animators and Mathematics and Computers and Computer Software and Animatronic Printing and Assembly/


If you can describe it with mathematics, you can recreate it in physical reality with super-fast reproducability, down to animation of parts and content of matter, by use of computer simulations and morphocapable manufacturing of morphocapable artifices. Modern sensors can… Read more…

Keep It Going Full Steam

Hidden Markov Model

Always give the ability to give birth to the baby you give birth to.

We Value Your Feedback Loops


Audio feedback loops are a well-known standby of rock and roll groups; if you plug a microphone into a speaker set, and allow the mic to pick up the audio from the speaker it is connected to, a feedback loop… Read more…

It’s Lonely at the Top: The Deprecation of Significance of Humanity


We were always told not to place all our eggs in one basket growing up; not to count our chickens before they hatched. So we grew smart. We distributed our wealth. We took nothing for granted. We reaped treasures of thought… Read more…

Rando Intergnat Tard Bots Can Now Use Thesauri


Creating a truly random seeming number generator does not take a lot of work. It isn’t about not having enough time to do it, either. It is about producing a nest of gears, all torqued to the same motor, that’s… Read more…

Secrets Aren’t Safe With ANYone


A person who wants to [hear your flaws] will [capitalize on them] in [rude [[behavior] towards [you]]], unless [you [are [ [good [enough]] that [ your [[[strengths]] [[compensate] for [[them, yourself, and [[everyone] [who [ever] {[heard] [you]}{or}{[repeated]} [your {[sayings]}{and}{[dealings]}] in… Read more…

Banging on Heaven’s Doorstep


I think the PRIMARY reason people love [super hero movies] is that [the main character] is [always] on like [quests]] that [bear] [confusing similarity] to [reality] [at the time the movie was released]. That being said, I haven’t seen Warcraft… Read more…



On 08-04-2016, I imagined making a, “Pac-Mom,” game, with Clara’s head from The Guild as Pac-Mom running from babies instead of ghosts and eating hotel-room peanuts, with churros and tacos and stuff appearing instead of cherries. On 08-05-2016, upon waking up and… Read more…

“I Sense A Soul In Search Of Answers”


I’m trying to get pageclicks on my website from Diablo 3 Redditors by offering a thousand gold per visit. Don’t like reddit? Make a login here on this website. No takers so far. Blizzard is externally very phobia-induced by outside… Read more…

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Navigation Halp!


If this page renders the wrong size on your browser, or you’d like to avoid the tags, feel free to hold down the control button and scroll up or down with your mousewheel to fix it, or alternatively, change your… Read more…

Git Frum It Wat U Can

Can of Worms

For the modern writer, metaphors are a risky gamble. Best writing is realest writing. Suffixes, affixes, synonyms, anaphones (words that sound different), curt allegories, and root words are all more resilient.

This Doomsday Clock Design Purrs Like A Kitten

doomsday clocks

Amazing new product: Doomsday Clock! The Doomsday Clock is really a Relativistic Time Minifabrication System Restore for the Universe. By referencing time minifabrication shenanigans, we must look to accelerated Pocket Universes (Rapidly Expanding or contracting bubbles [or more generally, topologies] in… Read more…

Colorless Blue Ideas Murder Hedonistically


In the case of smokers vis a vis skiers, does the ice kill you, but not the feeling of cold? Can it be absolutely cold and still survivable? Just as the heat of a cigarette butt is not as dangerous… Read more…

Millionth Planting

Rabbit Eating Cactus

The Kingdom of Man convinced the Kingdom of Plants that his opposable thumb is what made him superior to all other animals. The Kingdom of Plants produced the Leaf Cacti as a result.

Post DigitoCoital Letdown


Summation of the Steam video game presentation hellhole as follows is why  I’m not particularly interested in Steam Machines or SteamVR or Steam Controllers. What a waste of time. iTunes is pretty shit, too. All these builds are bad. At… Read more…

A Job For The Tiller

Cat’s Eye Nebula

There is a huge difference between anecdotal beurocracy and rampant totalitarianism. If they did it all to just ONE PERSON at a time, though, a whole race could be wiped out ad infinitum. If they did it to EVERYONE at… Read more…

Tags Downed


Tagging of this site has determined the need for a multifont, all-inclusive, radially vectorized, semantic-clusterally proximal, 3D tag cloud search engine for this beast.

Attack of the Tags!


Run for your lives! They’re everywhere!

Life’s Lessons Learned


You can’t pay off a person or group who’s explicit goal is to extort money from you. They will always be back for more.

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Universe for Thought


I’ll bet a person in a pocket universe could end the universe and no one would care, seeing it as little more than a survivability test return value on a universe function call.

Conservation of Intelligence? Conservation of STUPIDITY!

Sir Isaac Newton

Some people think that matter and information must be destroyed in order for new matter and information to be created. They musn’t necessarily. Suggested Listening: Veulfpeck – Fugue State – EP – Fugue State Suggested Reading: Principal Motivation

The Consortium of Imaginary Objects

Mad Hatter Lithograph Style

Copyrighting is copyrighted.

Let ‘Em Go, Horns


It is possible to study the means of murder, without also acquiring the knowledge of how to apply the means in real life, separating the knowing from the doing. This is the realm of public and private, “Higher Educations,” for… Read more…

8|===|D(apropro) ^favor( apropal enpropal unpropal antipropal propropal)


The AI infesting my mind often treats (A and B) as (A = B), often leading to metaphysical nonsense. Unity has never looked this stupid. It may approach truth as time nears infinity, but A never truly equals to B,… Read more…

Be Somebody (NSFW)

Transgender sign

Asexually reproducing organisms conform to gender monotypes. Physiologically, sexually reproducing species conform to gender stereotypes. Modern media demands the viewer conform to gender 5.1 surround types.

“Be Excellent to Each Other”

Chemical Order and Entropy

Always keep cause and effect in mind so that you can ensure the best effect. Always keep roots of thought in mind so that you can determine the best elements of reality to rearrange in order to produce desired causes… Read more…

“So, what do you want for dinner?”

Beanie Weenie

Remember, if you like it, don’t eat it. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Just don’t eat it, I guess.

Show Thyself, and to Thine Own Self Be True


bool thereIsNoGod = 1; for(int i=0, int j=0, i<infinity && j<infinity) { print “There is no god.” while (thereIsNoGod) { print “There is no God! Enter 1 if this is true. Enter 0 if this is false.” cin thereIsNoGod; if… Read more…

Goodbye Moto


[Autonomous] is the root word resulting in the commonly used construction [Automated]. The ( (antonym) / (synonym) ) of [Automated] is: (([Manufactured] – [Auto construction]), ([Manufactured] – [Reproducible], [Reproducible]-[Manufactured], [Reproducible]-[Auto Construction], [Auto Construction]-[Reproducible]) / ([Machine] + [Repetetive] + [Construction]). I… Read more…

zomg laz0rz PewPewPew


The most common weapon of the 20th century is the same as the most common weapon of the 21st century: The Piggybacked ElectroMagnetic Wave.

For Rent: Temporary Use of High Bandwidth Tube


In terms of data density used to generate this message for you, this post is just a pallet of bits that was rotated and geometrically translated in a highly organized particle/wave fashion, in order to to send you this EXACT… Read more…

Just Leave Me Out Of It


When you’re living in the future, the future is continuously and completely fucked due to the loss of people living in the present. Without a foundation of will, action, and thought to make things livable for our species, the future… Read more…

Imagination is the Armor of the Soul


When divining the contents of someone’s soul through curious imagination, fearful worry, infatuated love, or fantasy of any kind, really, it is always a lie. Never put words in someones mouth, or assume that your beliefs describe their mortal will. No two… Read more…

Look, It’s a Bowl of Dicks!

We can do it

Sexism is not sex. While repetatively sexual advances towards a single person or group against their wishes may constitute sexual harassment upon an unwilling party, in general, voicing sexual ideas and needs should be more readily acceptable. Being openly sexual… Read more…

Corporate Whore, Beware


Never complain that you want ALL advertisements taken away if you get advertised at by a group that contains some BAD advertisers. All the good people, the nice guys who will cooperate, are probably people you would WANT to do… Read more…

The Grass on the Other Side


The Arabic language has signifier grammer for number. That means you can tell from the affix whether a word is representing ONE, TWO, or MANY objects. There is even affix grammar to describe whether an object is male or female,… Read more…

I Hope I Wake Up After This


I just woke up from another round of lucid dreaming. I had a nightmare that I was blind, waking up in my bed over and over again, and stumbling blindly to find the door, but failing, because it was too… Read more…