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The Devil Is In The Details


Up late, burning the midnight oil, and running math calculations on my smartphone while comparing the website character profiles to the in-game stat sheets. Forum Post Original Post: 2 hours ago (Edited) Blizzard Character Stat Sheet My season 16 necromancer,… Read more…

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

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Warriors, A Change Would Do You Good

Mars Attacks

Do you think weapons that kill people make your life better? There are situations where people act out, but killing them will result in damages to you worse than living hell. Most sources are clear on this. Do you think your… Read more…

Spankings! Spankings for Everyone!

Doctor Strangelove

If a Christian is on the war path, it is a crusade (as we learn about in history books). If a Muslim is on the war path, it is a jihad (as we learn about on cable news). There are… Read more…

When The Dog Finally Catches Its Tail

Heart Earth

The subset of humanity dedicated to ensuring humanity does not kill itself off has lost its way in arguments over climate change, asteroids, and other simple-to-navigate issues. In the face of war, oppression, and weapon violence, and environmental exploitation in… Read more…