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Attack of the Tags!


Run for your lives! They’re everywhere!

WordPress Fail

Cookie Monster

No predictive search for posts, tags, image names, video closed captioning transcripts, or so on and so forth in the WordPress plugin catalogue. I hope I don’t have implement it with custom code. That’s a big list of words to… Read more…

I’ll Just See Myself Out


1: Knock knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: Chicken. 2: Chickin who? 1: Chicken shoe. 1. Guess what? 2. Chicken Butt. 1. Guess why? 2. Chicken thigh. 1. Guess where? 2. Chicken hair. 1. U a chicken, bro? 2. No, u?

Speckled Eggs on Toast, What a Post!


Speckled Egg: Egg, salt, oil, pepper, thyme, marjoram, sage, fennel, honey-glazed shallot and sesame. The shallot is pressed with a rolling pin, dropped in the pan, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with sesame. Tasted figgy. You prefer sweetb reads to… Read more…

The Art of The Videogame of War


Professional military advice: When you are under fire by seige weapons in a video game, make an effort to move all of your own seige weapons back upon the attacking element in projectile activity, so as to ensure that ALL… Read more…

“What Was All That About The LBJ Highschool Marching Band?” -The LBJ Highschool Marching Band


Abdullah Hamad a.k.a. Iguanabob, ready for transcribing, arranging, and compositing notes for brass jams and longer sequences. If I was in hell, literally and figuratively, could I still do it? I would try, and it would be very, very hard.

EU Fanfic > Paraphrasing


Expanding upon a subject is always looked upon more fondly than paraphrasing a topic. The force of rational communication of thought needs to be rebalanced in favor of excess.

L33+ Ruelz


Ban Hammer For Not Banhammering

Shadowed Mind


In death, I feel as though I am changing rapidly in size, in warped relationship to the things in my environment, so that they opaquely prey upon me by occlusively attacking me, usually with some type of visual distortion not… Read more…

The Cog to The Gearworks and The Grist to The Mill


As opposed to ALL other forms of prescriptivism, government prescriptivist decrees are deterministic. If something can be mandated to exist, it comes from old men, not gods, but slaves of even older men who are worshipped as gods, who have… Read more…

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