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Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel, for anyone who’s curious. Absolute Zer0 Some interesting stuff there. I haven’t invested as much time in as I have in, and I apologize in advance for the potato quality. I… Read more…

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Abdullah Hamad’s Renaissance Musings Twitter Account  

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Welcome to! The webpage with a little bit of everything, to keep you interested in, and entertained by, anything. Please feel free (or forced!  ) to click “Read More…” to check out posts, and please do click back onto… Read more…

Ten Seasons of Texas State Tech Support Twitter Service for Trans Sexuals

Military Disaster Recovery Agency Phone

Follow the links and poke around and see what I’ve been up to. Don’t poke too hard. -Cuyul, formerly Abdullah Russell Hamad



Is hockey more popular than ice mountain climbing? Is ice skating or deep sea diving the status quo for describing the feeling of nuance nad ennui at this location, or should we call it listless nothingness for eons of social… Read more…

Thermal Solution

Lego Droid

Guys. Ok guys. Was just rewiring a camera, and I got the flash: “Guys. Ok, guys. Get this:” DREAM SEQUENCE: “SOUND SONAR, THAT TELLS YOU THE DISTANCE AND POSITION OF A SOUND, WOULD BE *GREAT*!!!”

Doctoring is SRS Buisness

Quack Doctor

Suggested Listening: Garbage – Version 2.0 – Medication

My Read On The “Pandemic”

The Big Lebowski – Toe

Many falsehoods have been reported by the media on the subject of the 2020 pandemic. Here’s my quick, “Quote Recall”, of all I’ve said about the pandemic in the last year+: 1. Don’t wear a mask because of a pandemic…. Read more…

Fixing the News


The news on Twitter: “The UN has warned that the violence in Gaza could escalate into a “full-scale war” after Israel carried out heavy airstrikes on Gaza and Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. Since Monday, at least… Read more…

Idle Thought:

Idle Thought:

I was reviewing Twitch Recordings, Commenting on YouTube Videos, [{Reading}^1 and {Wishing] I had something responsible to post} on {Twitter}^1, and Avoiding LinkedIn with all my might this morning. I type a lot, and I fear a lot of my… Read more…

If You So Much As TWITCH! (.TV)

Twitch Pepe

This website must be seen to be believed. I’m a mess on this service. I’m not at my prime any more, but at least I have Amazon Prime.

Canned Meat Comments


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Listen Carefully, Think Distinctly, and Speak Exactly


When I was learning English, I had a bad habit of learning two separate words that sounded similar, but had different meanings, and then, when speaking them, not remembering which was which. My solution to this was to make a… Read more…

Happy Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas And A Very Happy New Year To You From RenMuse


Remember, the more time you spend thinking about the past and the future, the less time you spend living in the present. Make your actions apply to the present and achieve your goals and actualize your history for yourself. Don’t… Read more…

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Prerelease blurry image. Feature subject to change before release. Work still underway. Feature should be done when its ready. Irreverent TV needs more Copresent tags of: Doomsday Humor RenaissanceMusingsTags

Moreosity, then More Ol’ City

Fat and Sassy

Do not ever let morosity touch you hearts, friends. The more you do, the happier we will all be. Go forth and play with the effects of times from ALL over your history. Give attention to your childhood, your youth,… Read more…

May You Find Shade and Water


Attached are photographs of the garden just East of the main building on UT campus. The plants are adapted for hot and dry environments. There are already scrub grasses and prickly pears in Westlake, but the other plants are sorely… Read more…

Life Has Never Been More Fake


Names for this tech: Hallucinations Illusions Ghosting Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Visual Overlays Aenima Telepresence Holograms Holographs Telephantasm GUI Wrapper Heads Up Display IRL Wireframes IRL Deepfakes 3D Skins Happens to me all the time, at home and away from… Read more…

Stopdown Company Beta Review!

Startup Company

Here’s some Beta Review Footage, in a YouTube playlist, of an absolutely fabulous game I’ve been playing called, “Startup Company.” Available now on Steam Early Access. For those of you on, who want to add me as a friend,… Read more…

No More Clowning In THIS Funhaus


I would like to see more Dude Soup covering the prevalence of interactive wireframe deepfake models to rip people off. The fad follows in the footsteps of MS Word 2002’s Clippy and Bonzai Buddy. My computer talks to me ALL… Read more…

Vindictive Search

Predictive Search

Check Out Our New Predictive Search for Post Titles  

Jacked Up And Good To Go

Eye on Dollar

If prices go up 60%, like they did, then sales tax collection goes up 60%. The increase in price leads to further increase in taxation and government tax collection, allowing for more city to be built. What manner of city… Read more…

This Is A Big TRAP

Peace Symbol


Taking Time To Understand Nihilism

Austin Powers Squinting

In response to the question Eddie Woo ended on, it has to do with the number that is being powered, and the power itself being equal in value, but different in growth metrics. This offers competing forces to contributing to… Read more…

My Reaction To A Very Important Lecture On Video Game Design


One big frustration with modern video game design, is if you try to be nice to EVERYONE, then you default to nuetrality and losing, instead of getting to be a high level hero, because rewards for completing content are insufficient… Read more…

Looking For Work(ers)


There are some problems with the site that I need help implementing. I work at a loss providing content, and earned exactly $50 from donations in over 5 years of content creation and sharing, so I just need some help… Read more…

Cigarettes, Airdamage, And Storms Of Plane Fleets Landing.

The Adventures of Lunk – Cyanide and Happiness

Working For All The Men

Illuminati Murders

In tech support, at least, the more you get paid, the less you have to work. Why? Well, if your company pays you $10 an hour, then the companies your company contracts with can get a lot of work for… Read more…

I’ll Take A Regular, Please


As dangerous as it is to blame something on someone else, or declare innocence for a bad act, lest your words be taken out of context, it could be worse. At their core, these ratty behaviors are almost always used… Read more…

Controller Detected. Updating Hardware. Please Do Not Unplug Controller.

Decastick. LCD Tracker. Finger Control Bubble

Here is the right hand portion of a user interface input controller I designed: The left hand side is symmetrically arranged. Right and left input controllers, when combined together, are called the Deckastick. It’s 10 joysticks with eight directions each,… Read more…

World War Whatever

Starcraft 2 AlphaStar

I’m a Starcraft player that plays on ladder (no eSports for me). One of the biggest advantages these machines have is that they can select as many attack pathways as they want in a single Hz, whereas a human player… Read more…

The Menu At Chateaux Hamad

Smoking With Oven Mitt Selfie

Appetizers *Chips, Queso, Salsa, And Guacamole Breakfast *Pancakes *Waffles *Scrambled Eggs *Hardboiled Eggs *Sunny Side Up Eggs *Poached Eggs *Hash Browns *Tater Tots *Breakfast Tacos Taco Ingredients: [Sharp Cheddar/Mozzarella], Fried Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, [Pinto Beans/Black Beans/Refried Beans], Spicy Guacamole, Spicy… Read more…

The Story Of The Grumpy Fish


Once upon a time, there was a fish who hated the sea. Everywhere he looked, all he SAW was sea. He did not like the sea, but it is all that he saw. The fish saw the sea, and said,… Read more…

Deaths In The Halls Of “Higher” Education

The University of Texas Tower

The old maxim, “Know your enemy”, falls flat when the act of learning casts suspicion on the student. I studied Japanese and Arabic, two cultural groups with low prestige that come under suspicion by cons in the US, and found… Read more…

The Devil Is In The Details


Up late, burning the midnight oil, and running math calculations on my smartphone while comparing the website character profiles to the in-game stat sheets. Forum Post Original Post: 2 hours ago (Edited) Blizzard Character Stat Sheet My season 16 necromancer,… Read more…

Movie Science: Avengers: Endgame

Iron Man Infinity Gauntle -Avengers

Spoiler warning: When the heroes in Avengers: Endgame time travel, they shrink and move really fast. This is possible with Pim Particles, which I don’t know anything about, but the time travel part is right on the nose. The shrinkage… Read more…

The Inescapability of Escape


The road is living, cobbled from death, and animated. It has always been older than the oldest memory I have. It feeds on travelers, upon their confinement within the mazes of its form, and grows. Transit, and all of its… Read more…

A Comment On Comments


We are currently using Disqus to provide comments on our site. In the spirit of openness, here’s what Disqus has to say about the comment systems data collection systems: ” We strive to make the Disqus experience as personalized and… Read more…

Efficiency In Web Browsing

The More You Know

People who look at porn and violent media and drugs and other illegal content online are often prone to deleting their browsing histories and knocking out the web browser’s stored cache of valuable data on a regular basis. This may… Read more…

My Least Favorite Sense

Rolling Stones – Tongue

Which is your favorite flavor of murder? Tastebuds, you know, are designed to tell the body how a thing was hurt. By licking a wounded object, we can deduce what manner of hurt befell it.

Snakes and Ladders

The Big Lebowski Tshirt

RCA < S-Video < Component < VGA < Display Port < HDMI < DVI+ < Frikkin’ Eyeballs. * RCA:S-Video::HDMI:Display Port. * That is to say, Display Port differs from HDMI in that there is no audio signal included in the… Read more…

Yes, Indeed

Chrono Trigger Boss Heckran – Yes Indeed

Programmers, Tech Support Agents, Community Service Representatives, and Moderators are all different things. I’ve studied to perform the tasks related to some of these, but you shouldn’t assume a person who has the title of one can do the services… Read more…

Spring Cleaning for the Dictionary

Stretch Armstro ng

Disambiguate- media:medic::____________:medical My gut instinct is “media-related”, but that seems overly complex. “Medium” is for “aether”, or “the size between small and large”. “Medial” is for “in the middle”. “Mediary” is possible, but probably conflicts as a result of relation… Read more…

Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On

A Clockwork Orange – Alex

The top #WorstMemories invading my personal space while I’m trying to zone out and work (In no particular order): 1) Drinking sprite on the bed in Older Rita’s room (A.K.A. Mademoiselle Rita), while watching static on the T.V. as a baby…. Read more…

Welcome To The Supercomputer Jungle


My 2019 Home Supercomputer Build I don’t think I will ever have enough money to buy the parts for this build, due to inflation of prices in the current market. Update (09/17/2019): Here’s what I designed for Xidax computers. Anyone… Read more…

Ahoy, Matey

Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy

How’s this for copyright law: If you don’t want me to copy your media, don’t release it! If you are going to punish violent media products, punish the producers that get the media to retail, and don’t punish the consumers… Read more…

Thank You For Smoking

Designated Smoking Area Sign

I’ve decided that if I want to smoke, I should be facing west, for the light to travel more naturally from east to west. It’s really disorienting when I smoke because solids disappear, I feel my hands warping and melting,… Read more…

Life Goes On

Kylo Ren Kills Han Solo

I believe my emotional responses to most media are controlled by the media. I do not think my emotions are reactive to the media, I think the media package includes emotional responses in the box. For example, while watching the… Read more…

The Intergalactic Secret Police


Alex Jones lives in my town. He misreported on my father’s death. The FBI raided my family’s house because my father ran the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund that passed out money and clothes and toys and planted trees and dug… Read more…

See The World, They Said…

Etsy Peace Dove

Between computer simulations and virtualizations, didactery, action movie funding, advertising, dragnets, hallucinations, air strikes, and product abuse, some strange society has easily spent over $1 Billion trying to kill me. Good thing I’m infinite and mass produced. I don’t give… Read more…

Apocalypse: Restricted to Venus

Apocalypse: Restricted to Venus