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Welcome to! The webpage with a little bit of everything, to keep you interested in, and entertained by, anything. Please feel free (or forced!  ) to click “Read More…” to check out posts, and please do scroll back onto the main… Read more…

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Midnight Gnosh

Shop for the ingredients in this video now, to get ready for your epic Tax Day celebration this weekend. The President of the United States of America is a big fan of Mc Donald’s, and I personally attest this meal… Read more…

Hell On Earth, First Thing In The Morning

Doctor of Boofominimum

Watch this chillaxed euphonium video and learn a thing or two about music!

Hummingbirds In The Rain

Rain, rain, come today, stay with me, don’t go away.

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Celebrating pacifism week with

Announcing Video Week!

Look forward to a handful of lo-fi, highly personal, interesting videos to hit the site this week, from yours truly.

Dragnet Doldrums

No matter what tech support number I call, I get the same person. They know too much of my personal information and data, so much so that they can even suggest what the problem sites are during an internet tech… Read more…

Heroes of the Morn’

My escape routes are too predictable in Heroes of the Storm. I need to escape south on the bottom lane, and escape north on the top lane more often. I don’t usually play mid any more, since I stopped playing seriously…. Read more…