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Attack of the Tags!


Run for your lives! They’re everywhere!

At A Loss for Words


Pro Tip: The more basic an idea, the longer it’s written and spoken word symbol should be. Naturally, learning is formed from making basic ideas into complex ones. Like basic sounds into complex sounds, and sounds into written words. At… Read more…

Tough Guy, Huh?


I wonder if there is a phase of matter such that, gas : liquid :: solid ::: phase x, in terms of permissivity of force of space. The proposed phase x matter would be able to pass through solid matter,… Read more…

For Christmas, Dear Santa: A Codex of Unimaginable Sounds


In your library studies, I suggest you make semantic idealogues the foundation of your dictionary, with all possible phonetic dictations the subset of a single semantic idea, instead of making the semantic idea a subset of the spelling. Phonemes in… Read more…

Fuck You, Buddy


I know that this universe was not intended for mankind, because the laws of the universe so often operate in direct and immediate countermandant opposition so as to spite to my increasingly-crippled self. I often feel the sensation that I am… Read more…

Make It So


Build a cone with the radius of of a single rod of arbitrary length and thickness, rotated 360 degrees, or 2 pi, if you don’t want to have to draw a 360 sided polygon of 360 triangles. Use coagulant extruded… Read more…

Take Heed, Wild-Eyed Child of the Sun


I find, in the 21st century, that almost all newly conceived [nouns and forms and conspiracy-theories] are oftentimes deduceably true, despite their unlikelihood; it is now a cliche that the wildest fantasy can be seen as reality.   There are… Read more…

The Metaphysics of Human Existence


The human experience can be confusing at times. Let’s attempt to carefully describe the different working components involved in a typical person’s metaphysical experience. Within a single person, there is a division between the self and the other, that grows… Read more…

Nerd Baller Secure Computer for Predicting the Future


I think my next nest PC is going to be a media live production, network cloud working, and streaming box. It will have an under-powered sound channel card, graphics card, and tv tuner for export of selective media to others…. Read more…

WordPress Fail

Cookie Monster

No predictive search for posts, tags, image names, video closed captioning transcripts, or so on and so forth in the WordPress plugin catalogue (See predictive search tag entry on the Word Press platform and apply the search heuristics to the… Read more…

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