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End of the Line. Last Stop: Nowhere


What imperative do I follow when emotions have fled my body? What inner voice do I seek when the mind has fallen silent? What truth do I hold to tightly, when reality has fallen in the face of terrifying waking… Read more…

Playing to the Choir


“This disc is spying, as I write this for you,at which point the watching will increase to two,wronged and left to find what’s right,to fill our schedule with labors, night and day,making that which wrongs in self-sure fright,finally gone till… Read more…

In the Throes of Ennui

Virtual Reality

With the reliability of perceptions in doubt, seeing as any impressions within a person’s being can be fabricated by an external party, I resultantly find that the core of my intellectual framework is void of the ability to undergo environmental conditioning any… Read more…

A Close Shave

Shaving Razor

Ay, a fresh face and a gleaming heart, a marbled cheek, and a winding start! A pickled eye, on mirror’s stare, and creeping teeth, filled up with hair. With gremlins mowing from the back, and words of brutal twirling crack;… Read more…

Sheepish Wordplay

Icelandic Sheep

Marry Mary? Quite contrary! Her fleeces: white as snow!

Moody Trigonometry

Trigonometric Functions

[sin] [cos] [tan] [cot] [sec] [csc] Sin with sin-alike. Alongside one another and together. Separate, and, side by side, complete. [sin]/[cos]=[tan] inv([tan])=[cot] inv([cos])=[sec] inv([sin])=[csc] Apart from one another, together. Not alongside one another, reversed in bearing. Without like-sin, forever bounded. Without sin,… Read more…

A Mathematical Deconstruction of Friendship

Venn Diagram

You: (A), me: (B), us: (A) ∪ (B), we: ((A) = (B)) & ((A) ∪ (B)), it’s getting weird: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & ((A) ∪ (B)), fate to be determined: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & (((A) ∪ (B))… Read more…