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Life Has Never Been More Fake


Names for this tech: Hallucinations Illusions Ghosting Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Visual Overlays Aenima Telepresence Holograms Holographs Telephantasm GUI Wrapper Heads Up Display IRL Wireframes IRL Deepfakes 3D Skins Happens to me all the time, at home and away from… Read more…

Jacked Up And Good To Go

Eye on Dollar

If prices go up 60%, like they did, then sales tax collection goes up 60%. The increase in price leads to further increase in taxation and government tax collection, allowing for more city to be built. What manner of city… Read more…

This Is A Big TRAP

Peace Symbol


I’ll Take A Regular, Please


As dangerous as it is to blame something on someone else, or declare innocence for a bad act, lest your words be taken out of context, it could be worse. At their core, these ratty behaviors are almost always used… Read more…

World War Whatever

Starcraft 2 AlphaStar

I’m a Starcraft player that plays on ladder (no eSports for me). One of the biggest advantages these machines have is that they can select as many attack pathways as they want in a single Hz, whereas a human player… Read more…

Deaths In The Halls Of “Higher” Education

The University of Texas Tower

The old maxim, “Know your enemy”, falls flat when the act of learning casts suspicion on the student. I studied Japanese and Arabic, two cultural groups with low prestige that come under suspicion by cons in the US, and found… Read more…

The Inescapability of Escape


The road is living, cobbled from death, and animated. It has always been older than the oldest memory I have. It feeds on travelers, upon their confinement within the mazes of its form, and grows. Transit, and all of its… Read more…

Efficiency In Web Browsing

The More You Know

People who look at porn and violent media and drugs and other illegal content online are often prone to deleting their browsing histories and knocking out the web browser’s stored cache of valuable data on a regular basis. This may… Read more…

Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On

A Clockwork Orange – Alex

The top #WorstMemories invading my personal space while I’m trying to zone out and work (In no particular order): 1) Drinking sprite on the bed in Older Rita’s room (A.K.A. Mademoiselle Rita), while watching static on the T.V. as a baby…. Read more…

Thank You For Smoking

Designated Smoking Area Sign

I’ve decided that if I want to smoke, I should be facing west, for the light to travel more naturally from east to west. It’s really disorienting when I smoke because solids disappear, I feel my hands warping and melting,… Read more…

Life Goes On

Kylo Ren Kills Han Solo

I believe my emotional responses to most media are controlled by the media. I do not think my emotions are reactive to the media, I think the media package includes emotional responses in the box. For example, while watching the… Read more…

The Intergalactic Secret Police


Alex Jones lives in my town. He misreported on my father’s death. The FBI raided my family’s house because my father ran the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund that passed out money and clothes and toys and planted trees and dug… Read more…

See The World, They Said…

Etsy Peace Dove

Between computer simulations and virtualizations, didactery, action movie funding, advertising, dragnets, hallucinations, air strikes, and product abuse, some strange society has easily spent over $1 Billion trying to kill me. Good thing I’m infinite and mass produced. I don’t give… Read more…

Apocalypse: Restricted to Venus

Apocalypse: Restricted to Venus

This Doomsday Clock Design Purrs Like A Kitten

doomsday clocks

Amazing new product: Doomsday Clock! The Doomsday Clock is really a Relativistic Time Minifabrication System Restore for the Universe. By referencing time minifabrication shenanigans, we must look to accelerated Pocket Universes (Rapidly Expanding or contracting bubbles [or more generally, topologies] in… Read more…

Colorless Blue Ideas Murder Hedonistically


In the case of smokers vis a vis skiers, does the ice kill you, but not the feeling of cold? Can it be absolutely cold and still survivable? Just as the heat of a cigarette butt is not as dangerous… Read more…

Universe for Thought


I’ll bet a person in a pocket universe could end the universe and no one would care, seeing it as little more than a survivability test return value on a universe function call.

Let ‘Em Go, Horns


It is possible to study the means of murder, without also acquiring the knowledge of how to apply the means in real life, separating the knowing from the doing. This is the realm of public and private, “Higher Educations,” for… Read more…

zomg laz0rz PewPewPew


The most common weapon of the 20th century is the same as the most common weapon of the 21st century: The Piggybacked ElectroMagnetic Wave.


Sentient Shakespeare AI

Through social constructs on the internet, the masses have made the distribution of social contact and communication more efficient, allowing many conversations to be held instead of few in a given amount of time. We don’t even have to travel… Read more…

The Hounds of War

The Drunken Master

Reelecting Bush and Obama was poor military strategy. In war, you never field exactly the same forces twice in a row if you want to win. You need total awareness of what you will be facing through scouting, and every… Read more…

Bringing it All Together


New game idea: “Neverborn: Brush with Death”. Game is realistic as opposed to cartoony. The setting is dystopian, high-tech transhuman, body-mod Cyberpunk, mashed up with hipster beards and brown-suits gothic Steampunk. Character skills include Computer Science and Hacking, Technology Modding and… Read more…

I Miss Canned Beans


Pills, pills, the magical fruit, the more you pills, pills PILLS PILLS!

“It Takes Money to Make Money, Suckaz!”


Banks are currently able to loan out $10 for every $1 they take in from deposits. This devalues the currency by 90% on a yearly basis. This ten dollars is often used to purchase real world goods by banks’ clients,… Read more…

In the Throes of Ennui

Virtual Reality

With the reliability of perceptions in doubt, seeing as any impressions within a person’s being can be fabricated by an external party, I resultantly find that the core of my intellectual framework is void of the ability to undergo environmental conditioning any… Read more…

This Is An Actual Place Where Real People Actually Live


Tummy tummy biggies, with not a lot to eat. They’ll swallow in the world, and darn it out to meat. Even when it’s ick, they can’t control their tastes, tummy tummy biggies, they live in outer space. Silly, hidey, straws,… Read more…

The Longest Con


✝is not the sign of Christianity. It is the sign of Televangelism. It is the telephone pole. Defined as such, it is death, decay, disease, disaster, detestation, and deconstruction, and that is all that supercysts on the outer surface of the pole’s all-powerful being,… Read more…

The World that Turned to Machine

Planescape Torment – Nordom

Background: In the year 2167, the last vestiges of humanity fight to survive on Earth. After centuries of designing, building and perfecting machines for every purpose imaginable, they now cover the surface of every continent in an intricately designed, rugged, plated-electronic… Read more…

Pissing and Moaning

The School of Athens

The doctors are sicker than the patients in the filthiest hospital clinics. The soldiers are weaker than the average citizen welfare recipient. The food on the street scavenged from dying mother nature is healthier than the omnipresent store-bought sachets. The… Read more…

Reap What You Know (NSFW)

Cheetos Girl

What are the numbers for the monthly Cheeto harvest? Have we run out of styrofoam waste product yet? If we’re low on powdered cheese it’s not the end of the world. Just send out the nanobots to harvest it from… Read more…

Quoth the Raven, …

Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven

If 90% of the internet went unhosted, or was replaced by dreck, would anyone notice? Just as you would never feel for thirst if faced with the loss of half an ocean of freshwater, the internet is so big that… Read more…