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Now Don’t Start That Again


When counting pennies, it is fastest to put the uncounted pennies in a pile, and use your index and middle finger to pull two pennies aside at a time into a new pile, while reciting the two’s table. Ambidextrous people… Read more…

Funny Thing About the Usefulness of Metal and Paper

Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln on the penny is way more important than Abe Lincoln on the five dollar bill… Protip: Drink out of metal cups, not paper ones.

“It Takes Money to Make Money, Suckaz!”


Banks are currently able to loan out $10 for every $1 they take in from deposits. This devalues the currency by 90% on a yearly basis. This ten dollars is often used to purchase real world goods by banks’ clients,… Read more…


Dollars and Cents

[ONE, TWO, SKIP A FEW…THREE, FOUR, SKIP SOME MORE.] [IN SERT CRED IT] *clink, thunk, plink* [PEN NY RE CEIVED.] [PLEASE EN TER A COM MAND.] (1)+1+1+1+1 /Return [= 5] /Print5CentCoin *ching* [PLEASE RE MOVE NIC KEL] [IN SERT CRED IT]… Read more…

Planning Ahead Versus Foresight


Did you know you can perform a subtraction function without counting backwards from the higher number to the lower number, thereby “removing” one amount from another? Simply add one unit to the lower number, while keeping track of how many ones you… Read more…



$300 is 30,000 pennies. That’s a lot of currency conductivity. Probably not a good idea to ask for your paycheck from the bank in pennies. When I die, a long time from now, and, hopefully, from natural causes, I don’t… Read more…