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Back to the Frat with a Baseball Hat

Bebiendo Cicuta – Socrates

Is there a Sigma [Pi Kappa] frat for PC gamers and mathematicians focusing on microchosmal software virtualization investigations for realism and physical fidelity? Focuses would include: 1) Database search of metaphysical-universal, semantically-static objects via tagging and set theory and filing,… Read more…

Keep It Going Full Steam

Hidden Markov Model

Always give the ability to give birth to the baby you give birth to.

Imagination is the Armor of the Soul


When divining the contents of someone’s soul through curious imagination, fearful worry, infatuated love, or fantasy of any kind, really, it is always a lie. Never put words in someones mouth, or assume that your beliefs describe their mortal will. No two… Read more…

Look, It’s a Bowl of Dicks!

We can do it

Sexism is not sex. While repetatively sexual advances towards a single person or group against their wishes may constitute sexual harassment upon an unwilling party, in general, voicing sexual ideas and needs should be more readily acceptable. Being openly sexual… Read more…

Mommy! Daddy! Look What I Can Do!


The desire in most people to be unique is stronger than their desire to be genuine.

Is All Really Fair in Love (and War)?


I suspect that society believes a person has just one chance to get it right in matters of love. Without instruction or practice, we are expected to fall in love and stay in love by instinct alone. If we lose… Read more…

Relationship Primitives


When an object of your affection hooks up with someone other than you, do you immediately think, “I’m not good enough,” or do you decide, “I guess I’m too good for them.” It can be both sometimes, which usually equates… Read more…

Y Hello Thar

Hello Nurse

Fractions are our friends. Decimals are our lovers.

As Is Always the Case for the Relative, Time Remains Invariant


Every person you have as a significant other should be treated differently than the person you had before. Each person you are no longer seeing should be remembered fully for who they were, at the time you knew them, as… Read more…