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Canned Meat Comments


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irreverent.TV gonna get a kick in the pants from renaissance musings’ copresent tags mod


Prerelease blurry image. Feature subject to change before release. Work still underway. Feature should be done when its ready. Irreverent TV needs more Copresent tags of: Doomsday Humor RenaissanceMusingsTags

No More Clowning In THIS Funhaus


I would like to see more Dude Soup covering the prevalence of interactive wireframe deepfake models to rip people off. The fad follows in the footsteps of MS Word 2002’s Clippy and Bonzai Buddy. My computer talks to me ALL… Read more…


youtube logo cat videos

Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel, for anyone who’s curious. Absolute Zer0 Some interesting stuff there. I haven’t invested as much time in YouTube.com as I have in RenaissanceMusings.com, and I apologize in advance for the potato quality. I… Read more…

Spring Cleaning for the Dictionary

Stretch Armstro ng

Disambiguate- media:medic::____________:medical My gut instinct is “media-related”, but that seems overly complex. “Medium” is for “aether”, or “the size between small and large”. “Medial” is for “in the middle”. “Mediary” is possible, but probably conflicts as a result of relation… Read more…

This Isn’t Funny

Exclamation Point


Mutants Welcome v. C


Right now, I’m trying to build a Nuka Cola & Cryo Cream “Floats” Space Bar in Bethesda‘s Fallout 4 Workshop \ Creation Club Mod System, as obtainable, and giftable, through the Steam ( https://www.steampowered.com ) web portal. Pictured: Steam Client… Read more…

I’ll Just See Myself Out


1: Knock knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: Chicken. 2: Chickin who? 1: Chicken shoe. 1. Guess what? 2. Chicken Butt. 1. Guess why? 2. Chicken thigh. 1. Guess where? 2. Chicken hair. 1. U a chicken, bro? 2. No, u?

Navigation Halp!


If this page renders the wrong size on your browser, or you’d like to avoid the tags, feel free to hold down the control button and scroll up or down with your mousewheel to fix it, or alternatively, change your… Read more…

Git Frum It Wat U Can

Can of Worms

For the modern writer, metaphors are a risky gamble. Best writing is realest writing. Suffixes, affixes, synonyms, anaphones (words that sound different), curt allegories, and root words are all more resilient.

Attack of the Tags!


Run for your lives! They’re everywhere!

Be Somebody (NSFW)

Transgender sign

Asexually reproducing organisms conform to gender monotypes. Physiologically, sexually reproducing species conform to gender stereotypes. Modern media demands the viewer conform to gender 5.1 surround types.

“So, what do you want for dinner?”

Beanie Weenie

Remember, if you like it, don’t eat it. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Just don’t eat it, I guess.

Quantum Computing Completeness Entaglement

Sherrif Badge

If police crime labs ever use quantum computers to determine who should be taken in, they will always bring in ALL suspects with ALL charges against them, and presume that they are both innocent AND guilty for trial purposes, no… Read more…

Your Daily Dose of Heresy


I believe in a Creator, I just haven’t read The Bible. I’ve kind of cheated on my atheistic vows though, because I know so many people who HAVE read The Bible, along with all of its spinoffs and fanfics. That… Read more…

A Word From Your Robot Overlords

hue hue hue

A lot of grammar mistakes on Renaissance Musings were fixed this morning and some content was added. If you can tell me exactly what was changed, you’re probably looking too hard (with monitoring devices), but I’m happy you’re still reading and… Read more…

It’s the End of the World and We Know It


All these places we hear about in the media that are ostensibly so great, and wonderful to live in, and full of personal freedoms and wonder are probably hellscapes. The German autobahn? Wartorn racehole. The Swedish socialist experiment? 6 feet… Read more…

Fake Video is Fake


Cats are terrible at piano. Half steps, you see…

Isn’t Ogling for Boobs?

Kanye Ogling

Does Google get its name from the number Googol (a one with 100 zeroes after it)? Does Google get its name from the Russian author Nikolai Gogol? No. In fact the word Google is made of two parts, and can… Read more…

The Dreamer is Awake

Messy Bed

I regained consciousness briefly in bed today. A voice in my head told me to approach the animal. I approached blackness until I saw feline white fur. Then the voice asked me what animal I saw. I told the voice… Read more…

Simplifying Human Morality


There’s a direct line of competition between dogs that want to piss on something they’ve never eaten before, pigs that want to eat something they’ve never seen before, and parrots that want to see something they’ve never heard before. Aside… Read more…

Current Events: Modern Computing Travails

Windows Logo

Ahhh, the Windows 8 experiment is over almost before it started. The world of computing is very different today than what it was only less than a decade ago. It seems everything can be turned off remotely at the flip… Read more…

Current Events: Blue Sky

Cloud Computing Diagram

What are all you’s guys using for internet transfer? IPX, ISDN, TCP/IP, FiOS, Dish, SMS, 3G, 4G, et cetera? I’m wondering if I can get better network content by switching transfer protocols. A lot of my content appears to be… Read more…

I Miss Canned Beans


Pills, pills, the magical fruit, the more you pills, pills PILLS PILLS!

Ancient Empire

American Gods

I’ve heard threats that the furry holocaust is coming. Aztec quetzal headed creatures. Indonesian tusked boar headed creatures. Indian elephant headed creatures. Egyptian jackal headed creatures. Greek bull headed creatures. Gothic bat headed creatures. European goat headed creatures. For a… Read more…

Break Me off a Piece of That


Before petabytes, there were terabytes. Before terabytes, there were gigabytes. Before gigabytes, there were megabytes. Before megabytes, there were kilobytes. Before kilobytes, we probably should have measured in hectobytes and decabytes. Before that, there were just bytes. Within bytes, we… Read more…

Gender Bender

Hard Gay

A full majority of online comments fall into two categories: “Fake!” or “Gay!” Let’s examine this further. If you really think about it, there’s a discrete difference if it’s one, the other, or both at the same time. Say you’re male on a computer… Read more…

Fine, We Will Do it the Hard Way


Can you write an infinitely descriptive language using only the number one? The answer is 1. 11, I don’t want to try it. Did you think I was saying 1? 11, I meant 11. Oh, 111 it.

Better Things to Do

Open Book

An excerpt from the early revisional days of the English language: Prepositions? You want 50 of them? We’d better stop while we’re behind; my cousin just turned 18.

…And One More Thing!

Double Rainbow

If people aren’t supposed to use homosexual slurs, they also shouldn’t use heterosexual ones. How then do we denounce people for wasting too much time on sex, which is, in itself, a taboo topic worthy of discussion and balance of opinion?… Read more…

Dividual Hypothesis

Vintage Surgical Instruments

If a person was cut into little pieces, could the person then collect multiple disability checks? Say, for example, I got cut in half and both halves survived thanks to resuscitation. Would I get two payouts, one for each half?… Read more…

Reap What You Know (NSFW)

Cheetos Girl

What are the numbers for the monthly Cheeto harvest? Have we run out of styrofoam waste product yet? If we’re low on powdered cheese it’s not the end of the world. Just send out the nanobots to harvest it from… Read more…

Geometry is Flippin’ Sweet

Napoleon Dynamite

Using necessity and universality to explain the physical world can be problematic.  Universality is founded on an individual’s experiences over multiple instances.  For example, a naturalist may observe a colony of squirrels on multiple occasions.  Each time the squirrels are… Read more…