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Bartering and Lending Suggestions

Illuminati Murders

Introduction to binary bartering and waterfall lending: Binary Bartering I give you two things that are good for me and you, and good for themselves together. You give me two things that are twice as good for me and you,… Read more…

“So, what do you want for dinner?”

Beanie Weenie

Remember, if you like it, don’t eat it. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Just don’t eat it, I guess.

Go Ahead and Vote


A well-governed community has exactly NOTHING to show for its troubles, after profits and expenses have been taken into account.

Dual Classing Scientist

Dual Classing

Mathematicians cum Computer Engineers use the word “Ring” to describe a Set of Arrays, as opposed to a Set of Elements. These Sets of Arrays can be [permuted] via reorganization of the Elements in the Arrays, or of the Arrays… Read more…


Dollars and Cents

[ONE, TWO, SKIP A FEW…THREE, FOUR, SKIP SOME MORE.] [IN SERT CRED IT] *clink, thunk, plink* [PEN NY RE CEIVED.] [PLEASE EN TER A COM MAND.] (1)+1+1+1+1 /Return [= 5] /Print5CentCoin *ching* [PLEASE RE MOVE NIC KEL] [IN SERT CRED IT]… Read more…



$300 is 30,000 pennies. That’s a lot of currency conductivity. Probably not a good idea to ask for your paycheck from the bank in pennies. When I die, a long time from now, and, hopefully, from natural causes, I don’t… Read more…

Neighborhood Stimulus

Dollar Bills

The only way to escape the current high prices and spiraling unemployment caused by increased population is for businesses to hire above their expected needs for labor, allowing more liquid assets to be distributed into the local environment to counteract… Read more…