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Welcome To The Supercomputer Jungle


My 2019 Home Supercomputer Build I don’t think I will ever have enough money to buy the parts for this build, due to inflation of prices in the current market. Update (09/17/2019): Here’s what I designed for Xidax computers. Anyone… Read more…

Dragnet Doldrums

Hacking Dragnet

No matter what tech support number I call, I get the same person. They know too much of my personal information and data, so much so that they can even suggest what the problem sites are during an internet tech… Read more…

Super Duper Computers

Calculator Displaying BOOBS

I think my next nest PC is going to be a media live production, network cloud working, and streaming box. It will have an super-powered sound channel card, graphics card, and tv tuner for export of selective media to others…. Read more…

Mutants Welcome v. C


Right now, I’m trying to build a Nuka Cola & Cryo Cream “Floats” Space Bar in Bethesda‘s Fallout 4 Workshop \ Creation Club Mod System, as obtainable, and giftable, through the Steam ( https://www.steampowered.com ) web portal. Pictured: Steam Client… Read more…

We Value Your Feedback Loops


Audio feedback loops are a well-known standby of rock and roll groups; if you plug a microphone into a speaker set, and allow the mic to pick up the audio from the speaker it is connected to, a feedback loop… Read more…

Universe for Thought


I’ll bet a person in a pocket universe could end the universe and no one would care, seeing it as little more than a survivability test return value on a universe function call.

Show Thyself, and to Thine Own Self Be True


bool thereIsNoGod = 1; for(int i=0, int j=0, i<infinity && j<infinity) { print “There is no god.” while (thereIsNoGod) { print “There is no God! Enter 1 if this is true. Enter 0 if this is false.” cin thereIsNoGod; if… Read more…

Pop Pik Pak Tik Tik Tak


The Subatomic Link to Harness Quantum Science I call bullshit on quantum entaglement running these things. It’s probably just really fully-mapped-out code running in parallel, minimizing varaiances and minimizing the need for transmission. You don’t need quantum computers to get… Read more…

Break Me off a Piece of That


Before petabytes, there were terabytes. Before terabytes, there were gigabytes. Before gigabytes, there were megabytes. Before megabytes, there were kilobytes. Before kilobytes, we probably should have measured in hectobytes and decabytes. Before that, there were just bytes. Within bytes, we… Read more…

A Mathematical Deconstruction of Friendship

Venn Diagram

You: (A), me: (B), us: (A) ∪ (B), we: ((A) = (B)) & ((A) ∪ (B)), it’s getting weird: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & ((A) ∪ (B)), fate to be determined: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & (((A) ∪ (B))… Read more…