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Juggling Work and Life


There are three objects rotating around a center point, sitting a good distance away from three other objects rotating around a different center point. This proof is to calculate exactly the force, velocity, distance, and time necessary to move one… Read more…

Tough Guy, Huh?


I wonder if there is a phase of matter such that, gas : liquid :: solid ::: phase x, in terms of permissivity of force of space. The proposed phase x matter would be able to pass through solid matter,… Read more…

Make It So


Build a cone with the radius of of a single rod of arbitrary length and thickness, rotated 360 degrees, or 2 pi, if you don’t want to have to draw a 360 sided polygon of 360 triangles. Use coagulant extruded… Read more…

zomg laz0rz PewPewPew


The most common weapon of the 20th century is the same as the most common weapon of the 21st century: The Piggybacked ElectroMagnetic Wave.

I Got My Marbles Back

Beach Marble

Step One: Give everyone a marble. Step Two: Start a gigantic game of Gille. How To Play Abdullah Hamad’s Version of Gille For a playfield, use a shallow hemispherical bowl (non-parabolic) divided into four equal quadrants. Each player starts in… Read more…

Not You Too, Hawking!

Humorous Hawking

We don’t often get new insights into astrophysics, but I have one about Stephen Hawking that may tickle your fancy. In Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, a theory is expounded upon in which time slows down as you… Read more…

P.E. : Physics Education


Physics classes in high school are taught in such a way as to have a balance between the kinetic and the potential energy of a motive object in a “fixed system” at a given “fixed moment” in time. We then look at… Read more…

Updated Terminologies for Physical Interactions of Light

Light In Perpendicular Waves

Retraction: Angling a light through, or onto and then off of, a lens, such that the light changes direction based upon the curvature of glass, without loss of coherence or intensity. Refraction: Angling a light through, or onto and then off of,… Read more…

Screenplay: Absolute Value

Absolute Value

In the beginning… Some people say Money is Power. Everybody says Time is Money, but Math is Money, too, baby. There are even some people who say E equals m c squared, a relation between the energy in a given… Read more…

Time Waits for Just About Anyone

Subatomic Neutrino Tracks

The bartender says, “We don’t serve tachyons here.” A tachyon walks into a bar. Physicists have discovered either how to accelerate time in the environment as it relates to an observer, or pull information in from relativistically future-initial sources, as… Read more…

Inherent Virtue

Dog Chasing Tail

In his dialogue with Laches, Socrates attempts to overcome a pedagogical dillema. He is asked by a friend to train a student in the finer points of virtue. But can someone really teach another person to be virtuous? Socrates makes… Read more…

Principal Motivation

Sir Isaac Newton

What if Newton’s Laws of Motion are sociologically derived arguments and not physical ones? Throw away all arguments of initial causes or creators; God wasn’t invited to this party. Each of the Newtonian laws is directly relatable to interpersonal interactions. As people, we often rely on what we deal… Read more…