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Here’s a link to my YouTube Channel, for anyone who’s curious. Absolute Zer0 Some interesting stuff there. I haven’t invested as much time in YouTube.com as I have in RenaissanceMusings.com, and I apologize in advance for the potato quality. I… Read more…

Twitter Embed, For The Verbose-Feint-Of-Heart

Twitter Andy

Abdullah Hamad’s Renaissance Musings Twitter Account  

The Inescapability of Escape


The road is living, cobbled from death, and animated. It has always been older than the oldest memory I have. It feeds on travelers, upon their confinement within the mazes of its form, and grows. Transit, and all of its… Read more…

Efficiency In Web Browsing

The More You Know

People who look at porn and violent media and drugs and other illegal content online are often prone to deleting their browsing histories and knocking out the web browser’s stored cache of valuable data on a regular basis. This may… Read more…

Ice-Cream-Blended Fingertips, And Yet The Show Must Go On! (In Lieu of Lava Lamps)


  Finally, a place where cusp overripe food can shine with it’s softness and sweetness. Starbucks-style graciousness to this ancient feast of dearth we call, “food.”   A seasonal recipe that you should jump on right away. Probably bad cinnamon… Read more…

Post DigitoCoital Letdown


Summation of the Steam video game presentation hellhole as follows is why  I’m not particularly interested in Steam Machines or SteamVR or Steam Controllers. What a waste of time. iTunes is pretty shit, too. All these builds are bad. At… Read more…

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Frontpage Headlines of the Real Present

Newspaper Presses

“Man Is Eternally Fucked by Lobotomy from Entropic, AI-Controlled Nano Tech Blade from Beyond Enceladeus, Weilded by Sentient, Plant Alien from Another Universe with Varying Laws of Nature in Play” “Credit Card Tip Calculations Mutate And Evolve, Starting Bar Brawl… Read more…

Fake Video is Fake


Cats are terrible at piano. Half steps, you see…

Turn for the Unexpected


“It gets better with age.” “Really?” “Yeah, little buddy, time heals all wounds!” “Reaalllyy!?!?” “You’ve just got to remember that there’s someone out there looking out for you to make sure you don’t get hurt.” “Oh. What if I don’t… Read more…

So, My Cat is a Wireless LAN Server

Computer Cat

After surgically installing a mobile, wireless computer in my cat (in case he gets lost), I received the following text message through my Facebook app: 01101101011001010110111101110111

I Hunt at Night


My cats’ colorations are indicative of thier diet and condition. What hunts them, what they hunt, and what they both attract and repel.   Saffron is red like the mudclay desert. Fed on whatever scorpions and lizards and roaches and creatures… Read more…