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Cigarettes, Airdamage, And Storms Of Plane Fleets Landing.

The Adventures of Lunk – Cyanide and Happiness

Doctor of Boofominimum

Doctor of Boofominimum

Watch this chillaxed euphonium video and learn a thing or two about music!

Improvised Music Addenda To Sapient Organism Samorost 3


                      Helluva ride. The game music is very accepting of horn overlay, perhaps as an “in” to the main character listening and playing on his own horn throughout the game!… Read more…

We Value Your Feedback Loops


Audio feedback loops are a well-known standby of rock and roll groups; if you plug a microphone into a speaker set, and allow the mic to pick up the audio from the speaker it is connected to, a feedback loop… Read more…

Fake Video is Fake


Cats are terrible at piano. Half steps, you see…

At a Loss for Words


Suggested listening: Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In the End – Da Vinci   Lyrics: I tried taking a picture of you When I look at it nothing comes through Sometimes I wonder if you’re just a ghost And… Read more…

Current Events: Time Dilation

Grandfather Clock

Boo to mail.google.com. Boo to mail.microsoft.com. Boo to Microsoft Exchange.  mail.google.com has a vicious lag in loading my inbox. mail.microsoft.com is sending me spam messages from my own email address. Both are umbrellas-sites, bordering on the criminal in utility. Does the… Read more…

My Life Was Saved by Rock and Roll


CD purchases are traditionally far less seedy in content than internet-purchased music. Cassette tapes are even better. I would imagine LPs would be an improvement over that. Who listens to free radio anymore, anyway?

Ladies and Germs

CGI Bacteria

I have no idea why this is here… It’s a picture I’ve drawn of an anthropomorphic cell jamming to disco and eating an ice cream cone. I would totally hang out with this bacterium, if it weren’t for the likelihood… Read more…

A Close Shave

Shaving Razor

Ay, a fresh face and a gleaming heart, a marbled cheek, and a winding start! A pickled eye, on mirror’s stare, and creeping teeth, filled up with hair. With gremlins mowing from the back, and words of brutal twirling crack;… Read more…

All Too Familiar

Canon In D

Music is not an alien concept to most people, but most people can’t explain why the theme from Canon in D is so fundamental to modern popular music. The theme seems to appear everywhere. Strangely, the fixation doesn’t seem like… Read more…

Screenplay: Absolute Value

Absolute Value

In the beginning… Some people say Money is Power. Everybody says Time is Money, but Math is Money, too, baby. There are even some people who say E equals m c squared, a relation between the energy in a given… Read more…

A Mathematical Deconstruction of Friendship

Venn Diagram

You: (A), me: (B), us: (A) ∪ (B), we: ((A) = (B)) & ((A) ∪ (B)), it’s getting weird: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & ((A) ∪ (B)), fate to be determined: (((A) = (B)) & ((B) = (A))) & (((A) ∪ (B))… Read more…