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A Summary of Virtue and Piety

Wall Clock

He who impresses his will upon the past by viewing recorded history and allowing it to shape his decisions and selects interventions from and upon it determines the content of the present day. He who thinks of the future and… Read more…

Allahu Azghar

Moths Around a Lightbulb

Is Allah really big, containing us, but oblivious to our nature? Is Allah really small, making up our beings with tiny omnipotence? (Macroverses vs. Microverses) Can Allah be seen sensed with human powers of perception? Or is Allah indistinguishable from… Read more…

Your Daily Dose of Heresy


I believe in a Creator, I just haven’t read The Bible. I’ve kind of cheated on my atheistic vows though, because I know so many people who HAVE read The Bible, along with all of its spinoffs and fanfics. That… Read more…

Gibs and Greif!


What if recent intimations in society regarding the holographic nature of the universe, and the idea that life is a virtualization are merely outgrowths of the 3D video game industry’s success in mastering the nature of reality into mechanical simile?… Read more…

What the Hell Just Happened?

Incoming Alien

In direct contrast to the Anthropic Principle, whereby every perceivable phenomenon is caused for mankind, in a mankind-centered universe, designed specifically so that mankind might conceive of it, I propose the Xenopic Principle: Most phenomenon in the universe are caused by collections… Read more…

Ancient Empire

American Gods

I’ve heard threats that the furry holocaust is coming. Aztec quetzal headed creatures. Indonesian tusked boar headed creatures. Indian elephant headed creatures. Egyptian jackal headed creatures. Greek bull headed creatures. Gothic bat headed creatures. European goat headed creatures. For a… Read more…

The Longest Con


✝is not the sign of Christianity. It is the sign of Televangelism. It is the telephone pole. Defined as such, it is death, decay, disease, disaster, detestation, and deconstruction, and that is all that supercysts on the outer surface of the pole’s all-powerful being,… Read more…

Whatever Floats Your Boat


Ctrl + F > “sin” > Replace with > “turn on.” ∴ Transgressions against God are a turn on. Unfortunately, turn on(90) = 1.