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Diablo 3 LAN


My partner is camera shy, but I’m plastered to every wall playing Diablo 3, and watching a video I made of myself playing Diablo 3 while making a video of myself. Videos on all four squares of the wall. Only… Read more…

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Midnight Gnosh

Midnight Gnosh

Shop for the ingredients in this video now, to get ready for your epic Tax Day celebration this weekend. The President of the United States of America is a big fan of Mc Donald’s, and I personally attest this meal… Read more…

Hell On Earth, First Thing In The Morning


Doctor of Boofominimum

Doctor of Boofominimum

Watch this chillaxed euphonium video and learn a thing or two about music!

Hummingbirds In The Rain

Hummingbirds In The Rain

Rain, rain, come today, stay with me, don’t go away.

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Celebrating pacifism week with

Announcing Video Week!

Fat and Sassy

Look forward to a handful of lo-fi, highly personal, interesting videos to hit the site this week, from yours truly.

Dragnet Doldrums

Hacking Dragnet

No matter what tech support number I call, I get the same person. They know too much of my personal information and data, so much so that they can even suggest what the problem sites are during an internet tech… Read more…

Heroes of the Morn’

Cho-Gall Heroes of the Storm Blizzard

My escape routes are too predictable in Heroes of the Storm. I need to escape south on the bottom lane, and escape north on the top lane more often. I don’t usually play mid any more, since I stopped playing seriously…. Read more…

Super Duper Computers

Calculator Displaying BOOBS

I think my next nest PC is going to be a media live production, network cloud working, and streaming box. It will have an super-powered sound channel card, graphics card, and tv tuner for export of selective media to others…. Read more…

Investigating My Own Modern Day Death

Fallout 4 Turret Hacking At Console

I am certain that my death was in some regard a punishment for deforming geometric pixels in software simulators. I have always lamented the shift from software simulators away from cheap, simple edutainment, and towards violence. These simulators are highly addictive,… Read more…

This Isn’t Funny

Exclamation Point


Everything’s Gonna Be O.K. PSYCHE!

Question Mark

Look at all this confusion! How in the world are people supposed to understand simple statements with a language this full of misconception. I know for a fact that people will simplify their statements before they make an effort to… Read more…

Juggling Work and Life


There are three objects rotating around a center point, sitting a good distance away from three other objects rotating around a different center point. This proof is to calculate exactly the force, velocity, distance, and time necessary to move one… Read more…

Mostly Memories, Maybe Mine

Pink sunset in Bahrain

I don ‘t remember the Cuban missle crisis first-hand. I don’t remember the Cold War. I remember my classmate bringing a gas mask to his kindergarten class because Donald Rumsfeld of CNN fame dropped depleted uranium all over the Iranian… Read more…

The Eponymous Cusses

Quotation Marks

Some folks don’t really like it when people cuss. Cussing, cursing, rude language, slang, expletives – call them what you want, but you should probably learn a little about the linguistic rules that govern developing language learners before you start… Read more…

The Walls’ Ears Have Ears ‘_’;;

Rolling Stones – Tongue

Teaching English to half the planet has created an environment in which people who do not have your best interests in mind, people who still care about race, religion, geography, community, history, and nationality and want to use it against… Read more…

A Summary of Virtue and Piety

Wall Clock

He who impresses his will upon the past by viewing recorded history and allowing it to shape his decisions and selects interventions from and upon it determines the content of the present day. He who thinks of the future and… Read more…

My Job Applications For The Car Audio Sales Industry

Transfer Icon Arrows

*My Background \ About Me \ What I do: I don’t really want to apply just yet, like I said, I know nothing about sales aside from inbound inquiries when I worked at, and wanted to find out if… Read more…

Super Freaky Reptile Reality

Yoshi Eating

Last night, I tried choke holding the gila monster that ate my legs as it invited itself into my home for seconds. The creature was growing through my reality, like these things normally do, so I punched and then grabbed… Read more…

A Friendly Letter from Your Neighborhood Blizzard Wizard

Warcraft III Reforged Logo

Abdullah Hamad recommends Warcraft III: Reforged. Introduction Warcraft is the reason I’m so in love with the RTS genre. I’m so happy to hear there is going to be a remaster, and I hope everything goes smoothly over at Blizzard… Read more…

The Gods Of Thieves

A cartoon illustration of a pig burglar stealing money.

I hate it when a product breaks, and I am given a refurbished model after sending it in for a repair. The refurbished model is NEVER as good as the original. I’ve even traded for a refurb of a refurb,… Read more…

Back to the Frat with a Baseball Hat

Bebiendo Cicuta – Socrates

Is there a Sigma [Pi Kappa] (Σ[πκ]) frat for PC gamers and mathematicians focusing on microcosmal software virtualization investigations for realism and physical fidelity? Focuses would include: 1) Database search of metaphysical-universal, semantically-static objects via tagging and set theory and… Read more…

The Yearning of the Wind


In search of alphabetical (a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, …), chronological (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, …), rhyming (Apples bait. Cattles debate. Eagles fantambulate…. Read more…

Methods of Apocalyptification


I am pretty sure I am being held responsible for what other people are saying. If someone says something bad about a corporation, the corporation takes it out on me, then I say something bad about the corporation, then the… Read more…

In the Death of Hectic Night

The Vampire’s Rest

I found a shady place to sit, the dark of night obscuring it. In darkness, being; safe from harm, I felt a sense of peace and calm. There came a bright and pulsing light, to burn away the cooling night…. Read more…

Delicious New Product

Michelangelo Flying Spaghetti Monster

Here is a video of THE PASTAFARIAN. To allay the disgruntlement of those shamed by the censored nude form, the recipe for The Pastafarian is as follows: Ingredients – Boiling water filled with Middle Eastern medium grain rice, Far Eastern… Read more…

VM VPN Buggery

Windows Logo

Windows 10 backup features are a mess. In the Windows XP/Vista era, users who wanted to back up their systems could either copy the files onto Compact Disc, email files to themselves, or rely on the highly useful and indispensable… Read more…

Mutants Welcome v. C


Right now, I’m trying to build a Nuka Cola & Cryo Cream “Floats” Space Bar in Bethesda‘s Fallout 4 Workshop \ Creation Club Mod System, as obtainable, and giftable, through the Steam ( ) web portal. Pictured: Steam Client… Read more…

Phonetic Language Homophyse Diminishment Script

Disambiguation Cheat Sheet

In seeking to be a good communicator of modern language, there are four primary areas in which a listener, speaker, writer, and thinker might encounter trouble. If the speech produces a sound identical to a sound that the listener has… Read more…

Site Navigation


Welcome to! The webpage with a little bit of everything, to keep you interested in, and entertained by, anything. Please feel free (or forced!  ) to click “Read More…” to check out posts, and please do click back onto… Read more…

Generalized Summation of the Area, Circumference, and Volume of An Arbitrarily Sided, Symmetrically Ideal Proportioned, Polymentional, Circle-Gon

Circle Integration 1

                      Top, mid, and bottom of my formulation for, “Generalized Summation of the Area, Circumference, and Volume of An Arbitrarily Sided, Symmetrically Ideal Proportioned, Polymentional, Circle-Gon”. Done shortly after my… Read more…

Jail Food For Thought

Bent Bars

If you have ever sat inside a police car, you have spent the rest of your life in jail. If you have ever been spoken to by a uniformed police officer, you have spent the rest of your life under… Read more…

Abdullah Hamad’s Uniqueness Theorem


The uniqueness theorem: Everything is unique. The letters in this sentence are unique. The things sentences describe are unique. The constant is change. It takes so much effort to say a unique thing with unique script, that a thing will… Read more…

Lack of Rain Observation and Analysis

Angler Fish

The world gets smaller and blacker as time passes. Wet dirt is not like wet sand is not like wet rock is not like wet dirt. Lots of people don’t want rain because of Jewflood rumors. I don’t want rain… Read more…



Facebook Crossppost. It will be cleaned up and edited, eventually. Hot of the data backups. Mods of the internet have it out for this post. Copy a copy for urself asap, and then feel free to come back for the… Read more…

Bartering and Lending Suggestions

Illuminati Murders

Introduction to binary bartering and waterfall lending: Binary Bartering I give you two things that are good for me and you, and good for themselves together. You give me two things that are twice as good for me and you,… Read more…

My Beaches Are Clammy

Beach With Clam

Once upon a time, there was a pink clam. The pink clam lived in a hard shell made of crusty juice and woven hair that surrounded his pinkness. The clam lived on the beach. The brown ocean waves were rising,… Read more…

Alien Invasions On Primordial Planet Earth

red eyed white grub in black fertile dirt

There once was a land of white sky, gray tree, and black earth. The two white folk dug in the black earth with a grey trowel and found a scary magenta worm. One of the folk cut the worm in… Read more…

Recombinant Reality

Boy Girl Combinatorics

BAD NEWS: { Reality threads are: out of sequence {(ABC vs BAC)}, misaligned {(|| vs /\)}, mirror flipped {(] vs [)}, reversed front to back {(< vs >)} miscolored {( vs . )} dyssized {(O vs o)} misdirected {( }… Read more…

An Ant Hill Not Even Worth the Energy of Kicking Over

Moebius Strip

Ants have fallen, once again, like so many things do, to the dual failures of [lack of quick maneuverability in [[a chaotic [fashion]]en]] and [[[rubber-stamping] [themselves]] with [every act]], creating easy to follow nodes of destruction from their enemies, which are everything… Read more…

Flying Ballsacks


The Sony Playstation ignononomously popularized memory blocks. It is not memory blocks I seek; it is memory spheres. Layered spheres with standardised, transferable panels for transmitting amongst layers of a singles sphere [ (o) ] and between [ O )… Read more…

-1 * -1 = +1


If the hive mind has more than one dictator, trying to stop something, they have to check whether the “no” statement sum of all dictators is even or odd, and make sure the wanted result is met with a majority… Read more…

Double Helix is the Cure for Kinky


PolySpringPendulOSussAtIonAtOr SymmetroFootAboutTheLegHingeFlexSpringLeggedJouleRodStaff Infinite legs, infinite toes, infinite arms, infinite fingers, infinite heads, infinite zibs, infinite sphincters, infinite sound sensors, infinite vision sensors, infinite temperature sensors, infinite tensile strength sensors, infinite center of gravity sensors, infinite friction sensors, infinite sense and force… Read more…

x% off


Marketal Advertisement Rule: [x% off]= [[[x]*[[0]/[0]]] off]= [[0] off]= [[x]-[0]]= [Full Price] Mathematical Algebrant Rule: [x% off] = [[[Price]-[[Price]*[[x]/[100]]]]where[[ [[0]<[x]<[100]] ]] Langual Writing Rule: [x% off] = [[Price minus x per cent] where [[[[price] is [amount to be passed from… Read more…

A Story of Three Moons


Moon One chases Moon Two and Moon Two chases Moon Three. Moon Two and Moon Three get smaller and worse, but Moon One Stays the same. This makes Moon Two get smaller faster than Moon Three. This makes Moon Three… Read more…

The All-Seeing Eye(s)


I was watching a Russian streamer on Twitch, and they were posting ping times at the beginning of their W3 games. Ping times are how long it takes for a message to get to the server and back. Even if… Read more…

At A Loss for Words


Pro Tip: The more basic an idea, the longer it’s written and spoken word symbol should be. Naturally, learning is formed from making basic ideas into complex ones. Like basic sounds into complex sounds, and sounds into written words. At… Read more…

Tough Guy, Huh?


I wonder if there is a phase of matter such that, gas : liquid :: solid ::: phase x, in terms of permissivity of force of space. The proposed phase x matter would be able to pass through solid matter,… Read more…