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You Want Me to Fall Through the Earth Before Multiplying for Friction?


I had a nightmare just now that I had forgotten to use the mathematical order of operations when performing physics calculations. When I woke up, I thought about it, and realized that, in physics, there is nothing worse than obeying… Read more…

As Is Always the Case for the Relative, Time Remains Invariant


Every person you have as a significant other should be treated differently than the person you had before. Each person you are no longer seeing should be remembered fully for who they were, at the time you knew them, as… Read more…

Two Girls, One Cup

Hand Holding Water Cup

The images on TV, computer, and radio aren’t verifiable as actual things. They are only a representation of things, which may or may not exist in reality, which may or may not exist, itself, anyway. Interacting with the things on… Read more…

The Prince and The Pauper

Illuminati Murders

Imagine you are supremely wealthy as a result of massive fortunes placed in your name by your family and friends due to your good character and hard work. Imagine you are not aware of this wealth except to say that… Read more…

Cat’s Sass

Cat Yawning

Ugly cats are often preferred to purebreds as pets by people, because they are easier to identify. Some would go as far as to relegate purebreds to the catfood industry. Speaking of cats, recent observations of a particularly wild specimen… Read more…

“Allow us to take 50 % Off”


I think most restaurants would be happy if you divided the total by 100/15ths, then subtracted from the billed amount when paying as a tip; most multiplication operations terminate before divisions in terms of number of digits in the outcome. More decimals… Read more…

Human Life: Approximate Retail Value Variable


  Sadly, I think the penalty for the pet store flower I accused the balding, long-blonde-haired employee (The one that looked like my high school Euphonium rival (but wasn’t!)) of taking out of my bag after breaking my plastic fish… Read more…

Extemporaneousness is Fail


I hate rushing. I hate dragging. I hate people who drag rushingly and rush draggingly even more. Suggested Listening: Ludacris – Back for the First Time – Get Off Me

I Got Drunk, I Saw Weirdness, I Was Overcome

Pan-Athenain Amphora

“Vini, Vidi, Vinci” Were wine-filled amphorae the molotov cocktails of the ancient Phoenicians? There might be a problem if they were watered-down, but that usually happened at point-of-sale.

Voiceless Counting


Did you know you can generate more than five things to count with using just the fingers on a single hand? This may come in handy for use in complex languages and counting systems. You’ll find that the bits on computers… Read more…

Persnickety Sitch


A description of a bad life getting better can be refactored rather easily via multiple means into a description of a good life getting worse, in effect, making a bad life even worse. “I won, by doing x, y, and… Read more…


Measuring cups

If you divide 2 identical things very carefully into two identical parts each, with each part identical to the originals except for their decreased scale, you will see four things before you as a result, but due to conservation of mass, you should maintain awareness of… Read more…