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Investigating My Own Modern Day Death

Fallout 4 Turret Hacking At Console

I am certain that my death was in some regard a punishment for deforming geometric pixels in software simulators. I have always lamented the shift from software¬†simulators away from cheap, simple edutainment, and towards violence. These simulators are highly addictive,… Read more…

Colorless Blue Ideas Murder Hedonistically


In the case of smokers vis a vis skiers, does the ice kill you, but not the feeling of cold? Can it be absolutely cold and still survivable? Just as the heat of a cigarette butt is not as dangerous… Read more…

Human Life: Approximate Retail Value Variable


  Sadly, I think the penalty for the pet store flower I accused the balding, long-blonde-haired employee (The one that looked like my high school Euphonium rival (but wasn’t!)) of taking out of my bag after breaking my plastic fish… Read more…