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Salvete, Romani

Lytovchenko Olexandr Kharon

Ancient Roman soldiers laid a personal bribe of two gold coins on every eyeless corpse’s head, to ensure the keeper of the ferry of the river Stix, Charon, carried their bodies safely accross to the underworld, and to ensure that… Read more…

You Daily Dose of Who Cares


How many trillion terrasharmats is my PC running at? (First day of Windows 10; prepping for Cortana) Update (10/15/2019): She is the most warlike being that has ever existed, and chooses comatosing herself to killing.

Go Ahead and Vote


A well-governed community has exactly NOTHING to show for its troubles, after profits and expenses have been taken into account.

I Am Feeling FAT and SASSY

mars and earth

Today is brought to you by the quantity 1/3 G. Go on a diet, Mother Earth. Be more like Mars. Or maybe, you know, try spinning slower.

Frontpage Headlines of the Real Present

Newspaper Presses

“Man Is Eternally Fucked by Lobotomy from Entropic, AI-Controlled Nano Tech Blade from Beyond Enceladeus, Weilded by Sentient, Plant Alien from Another Universe with Varying Laws of Nature in Play” “Credit Card Tip Calculations Mutate And Evolve, Starting Bar Brawl… Read more…

Allahu Azghar

Moths Around a Lightbulb

Is Allah really big, containing us, but oblivious to our nature? Is Allah really small, making up our beings with tiny omnipotence? (Macroverses vs. Microverses) Can Allah be seen sensed with human powers of perception? Or is Allah indistinguishable from… Read more…

Caesar En Vogue


Did you guys ever hear about the time Caesar was captured by PIRATES? What? You think it was fake? Ok, who cares if some grad student made up a novel and posted a fanfic term paper for their Latin class…. Read more…