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Updates to Site


I’m currently working on adding forums to the site to improve communication. It is not easy finding a third party plugin, because I don’t want users to hand over passwords or password algorithms to a third party and risk security… Read more…

Facebook Site Linkages Added


If you’re a fan of the site, be sure to like our Facebook page (!

Major Lazer


Remember before there were 5.5 MegaPixel cameras, when digital photographs looked GRAINY? 5-6 MegaPixels for a photo is about the extreme low end for perfect visual clarity. What’s to be said of all these 13-14 MegaPixel cameras that are available… Read more…

Your Daily Dose of Heresy


I believe in a Creator, I just haven’t read The Bible. I’ve kind of cheated on my atheistic vows though, because I know so many people who HAVE read The Bible, along with all it’s spinoffs and fanfics. That means I… Read more…

So Tired of Sex


What’s the latest fad in the “counter sexual” subculture? Something that looks good, but clearly states, “I do not want to fuck”?

Tried and True, or Smart and New?


I typically like media that has an “Original Story”. That means it can’t be done again, if it’s already been done before. There is too much copycatting, remaking, sequelizing, and rehashing in the media industry to be BELIEVED. Maybe it’s… Read more…


Cho Aniki

I love computer games that use pictures of living people for animations. They are almost always absurd, vivid, and tongue in cheek. Cho Aniki (inspired by Yatta! and R-Type) and Kanye Quest 3030 (Inspired by NWA and Phantasy Star) come… Read more…

A Word From Your Robot Overlords

hue hue hue

A lot of grammar mistakes on Renaissance Musings were fixed this morning and some content was added. If you can tell me exactly what was changed, you’re probably looking too hard (with monitoring devices), but I’m happy you’re still reading and… Read more…

It Was Nothing


What if power derived from electrical energy and other physical sources is the absence of life and existence? We all know life is constantly using energy to sustain itself – So maybe those little molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles we… Read more…