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The Young Turks’ Advancing Knowledge of Futility


Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”, the one he hypothesized as being a subtle influencer of the economic and banking sectors, is more akin to an invisible army of motivated actors, these days. The invisible hand, previously believed to be responsible for… Read more…

It’s the End of the World and We Know It


All these places we hear about in the media that are ostensibly so great, and wonderful to live in, and full of personal freedoms and wonder are probably hellscapes. The German autobahn? Wartorn racehole. The Swedish socialist experiment? 6 feet… Read more…

You Say “Tomato”, I Say “Destructive And Constructive Interference Of A Sound Wave Through A Known Medium”


Evidence for why I believe television is user-specific and context-sensetive to environment of the viewer: Imagine, for a moment, that the man speaking is a newscaster, comedian, or other form of “talking head” on the TV or Internet. You could… Read more…

Fake Video is Fake


Cats are terrible at piano. Half steps, you see…

Reality Quandry


The subject of molecular reconstruction is a hot topic these days! If you just did a double take, try reading this previous Renaissance Musings article for a little background: Absolute Value What bearing does this have on what can be called… Read more…

Sexual Hypocrisy


Some people are so concerned for the environment and climate change, they are willing to abort the romantic encounters and children of others to give themselves more room to live. Promoting condom use is not quite the same thing as… Read more…

Dead to Rights


As an American with compromised identity and an insurance policy held by someone else, I want fewer “accidents” to happen to me, and fewer “third-party” lawsuits. Less Credit Card and Social Security Number theft, too! I would be a millionaire… Read more…

Is Natasha Busy Tonight?


I’m not sure why the moose is not a more popular hunting animal than the deer. They are gargantua. I’ve never seen a moose, firsthand. They’re about as real in potential for existence as a jackelope, to me.



If I could ask a loaded gunsman anything, I would ask them, “Why are you so formal? Why are you always dressed in your honor guard’s regalia? Why can’t you just wear normal clothes like everyone else? Is concealed carry… Read more…