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When Territory Becomes Hostile


Push the envelope enough, and eventually it reaches the mailbox. Message received. It’s the letters that take the longest to reach us that have the greatest impact, for if we take too long to notice the encroachment of reality and act… Read more…

Back Asswards

Arabic Alphabet Picture

Have you ever tried reading Arabic backwards with the pitch and stresses switched? It makes more sense if you invert the semantics while you’re at it. What I would give for a proper corpus to test this with. After that,… Read more…

Keep On Truckin’

Hold Me Back

Children are so much more complete than adults. The opposing forces of growth and destruction leave adult-humans with little to show for their struggles. Keep going. Leave your mark. You’re great. Maybe the best that ever was.

Study Break (NSFW)

Free Condom

The systems of equations written on these lovely physics students’ backs appear complex enough to warrant examination. Let’s attempt to expand and define the variables fully and study some solutions, without getting distracted. The first diagram on the left, inscribed on the back… Read more…

The Unbirthday Suit

Hippie Hollow

It has recently come to my attention that people often wear clothes in public. Why that should be the case is left to the observer’s imagination. I can personally find no rational reasons explaining the thought process that goes into inhabitants of the planet’s… Read more…

So, My Cat is a Wireless LAN Server

Computer Cat

After surgically installing a mobile, wireless computer in my cat (in case he gets lost), I received the following text message through my Facebook app: 01101101011001010110111101110111

Thanks, I’ll Pass… Hey! Let Go of My Arm!

Better Business Bureau

Pictured below are two quick-and-dirty lists detailing point and counterpoint of good business practice vs. bad business practice. Feel free to use them to inform your decisions on what companies to do business with. Be sure to report any business with questionable practices… Read more…

Gender Bender

Hard Gay

A full majority of online comments fall into two categories: “Fake!” or “Gay!” Let’s examine this further. If you really think about it, there’s a discrete difference if it’s one, the other, or both at the same time. Say you’re male on a computer… Read more…

Friends of Yore

Texas Geological Survey

Sprinting grey rabbits, hopping field mice, lithe foxes, horned owls, singing cardinals, swooping bluejays, button mushrooms after lightening storms, wild cats, croaking frogs, whizzing grasshoppers, rhythmed crickets, green-carpet tree moss after floods, creek minnows, digging crayfish, sticky newts, horned toads,… Read more…


Bug Eating Pollen

If only the giant space-beings, soaring through time and swallowing galaxies whole with gaping jaws, with planets swirling in their bellies, could see in their roiling guts the timeless creatures fed through the tidal whirlpools and sluicing veins of their… Read more…


Japanese Numbers

I’ve recently convinced myself that Japanese and Arabic share a relation. While the two cultures are geographically far-flung, the semantic meanings in Arabic of the Japanese words for counting are difficult to ignore, and interesting to explore. Below is a… Read more…

The Moon is a Beautiful Mistress

The Moon

Dancing with the moon beneath the pale of darkness, I trade a song for a jaunt, as she sways to follow me. I turn my back to her, taking a few unsteady steps, and feel only satisfaction, knowing she will never… Read more…

Fall Fascisms

Book Burning

In a modern society, controlling the voice and content of information and dialogue is often seen by power-brokers as a vital component of their plans to maintain control over the rest of the world. How does one go about achieving this?… Read more…