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I’m currently working on adding forums to the site to improve communication. It is not easy finding a third party plugin, because I don’t want users to hand over passwords or password algorithms to a third party and risk security breaches.

I’m also working on improving the “Tag Cloud” search features in the sidebar. The Tag Cloud currently shows most popular tags, but I little code and syntax should allow us to show “Most Recent Tags”, and “All Tags”. This will go hand in hand with a new revision to the site whereby we will have an increased focus on navigation using tags.

This website revision will make the site more compact, for ease of reading on PC, Tablet, Laptop, and Phone. The pie in the sky dream is to sign on a few new authors for “Version 2.0”, so the blog can grow into a magazine. It’s high time users were granted a view into the minds of some of the geniuses amongst my friends.

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