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Phonetic Language Homophyse Diminishment Script

Disambiguation Cheat Sheet

In seeking to be a good communicator of modern language, there are four primary areas in which a listener, speaker, writer, and thinker might encounter trouble. If the speech produces a sound identical to a sound that the listener has… Read more…

Abdullah Hamad’s Uniqueness Theorem


The uniqueness theorem: Everything is unique. The letters in this sentence are unique. The things sentences describe are unique. The constant is change. It takes so much effort to say a unique thing with unique script, that a thing will… Read more…

EU Fanfic > Paraphrasing


Expanding upon a subject is always looked upon more fondly than paraphrasing a topic. The force of rational communication of thought needs to be rebalanced in favor of excess.

Git Frum It Wat U Can

Can of Worms

For the modern writer, metaphors are a risky gamble. Best writing is realest writing. Suffixes, affixes, synonyms, anaphones (words that sound different), curt allegories, and root words are all more resilient.

I Found A Shady Place to Sit


When talking about how we are doing, more commonly than not, a busily worn out person will report that they are “depressed”. This perpetuates a linguistic indistinction between depression (a lack of overt external pressure, leading to despondence) and oppression… Read more…