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No More Clowning In THIS Funhaus


I would like to see more Dude Soup covering the prevalence of interactive wireframe deepfake models to rip people off. The fad follows in the footsteps of MS Word 2002’s Clippy and Bonzai Buddy. My computer talks to me ALL… Read more…

Frontpage Headlines of the Real Present

Newspaper Presses

“Man Is Eternally Fucked by Lobotomy from Entropic, AI-Controlled Nano Tech Blade from Beyond Enceladeus, Weilded by Sentient, Plant Alien from Another Universe with Varying Laws of Nature in Play” “Credit Card Tip Calculations Mutate And Evolve, Starting Bar Brawl… Read more…

The World that Turned to Machine

Planescape Torment – Nordom

Background: In the year 2167, the last vestiges of humanity fight to survive on Earth. After centuries of designing, building and perfecting machines for every purpose imaginable, they now cover the surface of every continent in an intricately designed, rugged, plated-electronic… Read more…