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Everything’s Gonna Be O.K. PSYCHE!

Question Mark

Look at all this confusion! How in the world are people supposed to understand simple statements with a language this full of misconception. I know for a fact that people will simplify their statements before they make an effort to… Read more…

You Say “Tomato”, I Say “Destructive And Constructive Interference Of A Sound Wave Through A Known Medium”


Evidence for why I believe television is user-specific and context-sensetive to environment of the viewer: Imagine, for a moment, that the man speaking is a newscaster, comedian, or other form of “talking head” on the TV or Internet. You could… Read more…

Not Too Friendly, but Technically Correct Speech

Hitler Speaking Technique

I don’t favor public speakers that use excessive amounts of ingressive speech patterns in their dialogues. Ingressive speech is all about the production of sound while sucking the vocal medium (usually air) INTO the lungs. It’s a good tactic for… Read more…