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When The Dog Finally Catches Its Tail

Heart Earth

The subset of humanity dedicated to ensuring humanity does not kill itself off has lost its way in arguments over climate change, asteroids, and other simple-to-navigate issues. In the face of war, oppression, and weapon violence, and environmental exploitation in… Read more…

You Can Do It! Put Some Back Into It!

Dust Bowl Workers

Wouldn’t it be cool if candidates raised campaign funds by investing in research and education and luxuries and entertainment and industry and farming and growth and technology instead of begging for handouts and panhandling by proxy, sort of like what… Read more…

Hello, Operator?

Hidden Markov Model

Let’s assume for the moment that the operator “[ A B C D …] > [ I J K L … ]” indicates the use of a veiled existential threat by the set [ A B C D … ], composed… Read more…