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Heroes of the Morn’

Cho-Gall Heroes of the Storm Blizzard

My escape routes are too predictable in Heroes of the Storm. I need to escape south on the bottom lane, and escape north on the top lane more often. I don’t usually play mid any more, since I stopped playing seriously…. Read more…

My Job Applications For The Car Audio Sales Industry

Transfer Icon Arrows

*My Background \ About Me \ What I do: I don’t really want to apply just yet, like I said, I know nothing about sales aside from inbound inquiries when I worked at Honestech.com, and wanted to find out if… Read more…

I Heard It Through the Grape Vine

Ethernet Cable

Organizations that use DHCP (Dynamic Hardware Configuration Protocols) for their IP Address assignments, so as to maintain client and corporate security, universally suffer massive efficiency failures related to packet tearing, due to low lease times and complexity of encryption on… Read more…