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Diablo 3 LAN

My partner is camera shy, but I’m plastered to every wall playing Diablo 3, and watching a video I made of myself playing Diablo 3 while making a video of myself. Videos on all four squares of the wall. Only… Read more…

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Hell On Earth, First Thing In The Morning

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Celebrating pacifism week with Kongregate.com.

Back to the Frat with a Baseball Hat

Is there a Sigma [Pi Kappa] frat for PC gamers and mathematicians focusing on microchosmal software virtualization investigations for realism and physical fidelity? Focuses would include: 1) Database search of metaphysical-universal, semantically-static objects via tagging and set theory and filing,… Read more…