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Investigating My Own Modern Day Death

Fallout 4 Turret Hacking At Console

I am certain that my death was in some regard a punishment for deforming geometric pixels in software simulators. I have always lamented the shift from software simulators away from cheap, simple edutainment, and towards violence. These simulators are highly addictive,… Read more…

A Summary of Virtue and Piety

Wall Clock

He who impresses his will upon the past by viewing recorded history and allowing it to shape his decisions and selects interventions from and upon it determines the content of the present day. He who thinks of the future and… Read more…

Whatever Floats Your Boat


Ctrl + F > “sin” > Replace with > “turn on.” ∴ Transgressions against God are a turn on. Unfortunately, turn on(90) = 1.

Inherent Virtue

Dog Chasing Tail

In his dialogue with Laches, Socrates attempts to overcome a pedagogical dillema. He is asked by a friend to train a student in the finer points of virtue. But can someone really teach another person to be virtuous? Socrates makes… Read more…