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When The Dog Finally Catches Its Tail

Heart Earth

The subset of humanity dedicated to ensuring humanity does not kill itself off has lost its way in arguments over climate change, asteroids, and other simple-to-navigate issues. In the face of war, oppression, and weapon violence, and environmental exploitation in… Read more…

In Need of New Hobby

Ms Pacman

Microsoft claims to have lost their way in the PC software and gaming realm, which is their inception and their strong suit. I posit: They haven’t lost their way. Stifling PC development and subverting everything to DLC (monetized downloadable content),… Read more…

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes


Economic spending is oftentimes more effective if purchasers spend money on what smart people are spending money on. This leads to short-term gains in consumer’s living situations, as good, well-researched, luxury products reach the market. Taken to its extreme, though,… Read more…