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“What Was All That About The LBJ Highschool Marching Band?” -The LBJ Highschool Marching Band


Abdullah Hamad a.k.a. Iguanabob, ready for transcribing, arranging, and compositing notes for brass jams and longer sequences. If I was in hell, literally and figuratively, could I still do it? I would try, and it would be very, very hard.

When Laws Prevent Progress

Movie Collection

The public movement to digitize and share old media has been lost. All technologies are now incompatible with old forms of media, all software copying programs are non-functional, and all codecs for recording and playback are low quality or broken…. Read more…

Screenplay: Absolute Value

Absolute Value

In the beginning… Some people say Money is Power. Everybody says Time is Money, but Math is Money, too, baby. There are even some people who say E equals m c squared, a relation between the energy in a given… Read more…