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Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Adult Only Toothpick Transfers, Part II!

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Adult-Only Toothpick Transfers

Celebrating pacifism week with Kongregate.com.

Mutants Welcome v. C


Right now, I’m trying to build a Nuka Cola & Cryo Cream “Floats” Space Bar in Bethesda‘s Fallout 4 Workshop \ Creation Club Mod System, as obtainable, and giftable, through the Steam ( https://www.steampowered.com ) web portal. Pictured: Steam Client… Read more…

Mass Music Machine


You’re supposed to record the instrument into solid memory storage with a push, copy a phrase of wavetables through the device’s memory buffer to a new memory location using an electromagnetic mirror pulse of the recorded phrase onto the second… Read more…

Geometry is Flippin’ Sweet

Napoleon Dynamite

Using necessity and universality to explain the physical world can be problematic.  Universality is founded on an individual’s experiences over multiple instances.  For example, a naturalist may observe a colony of squirrels on multiple occasions.  Each time the squirrels are… Read more…