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Snakes and Ladders

The Big Lebowski Tshirt

RCA < S-Video < Component < VGA < Display Port < HDMI < DVI+ < Frikkin’ Eyeballs. * RCA:S-Video::HDMI:Display Port. * That is to say, Display Port differs from HDMI in that there is no audio signal included in the… Read more…

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Marketal Advertisement Rule: [x% off]= [[[x]*[[0]/[0]]] off]= [[0] off]= [[x]-[0]]= [Full Price] Mathematical Algebrant Rule: [x% off] = [[[Price]-[[Price]*[[x]/[100]]]]where[[ [[0]<[x]<[100]] ]] Langual Writing Rule: [x% off] = [[Price minus x per cent] where [[[[price] is [amount to be passed from… Read more…