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Mostly Memories, Maybe Mine

Pink sunset in Bahrain

I don ‘t remember the Cuban missle crisis first-hand. I don’t remember the Cold War. I remember my classmate bringing a gas mask to his kindergarten class because Donald Rumsfeld of CNN fame dropped depleted uranium all over the Iranian… Read more…

The Metaphysics of Human Existence


The human experience can be confusing at times. Let’s attempt to carefully describe the different working components involved in a typical person’s metaphysical experience. Within a single person, there is a division between the self and the other, that grows… Read more…

“So, what do you want for dinner?”

Beanie Weenie

Remember, if you like it, don’t eat it. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Just don’t eat it, I guess.

Simplifying Human Morality


There’s a direct line of competition between dogs that want to piss on something they’ve never eaten before, pigs that want to eat something they’ve never seen before, and parrots that want to see something they’ve never heard before. Aside… Read more…

“Since every individual is accountable ultimately to the self, it is the formation of that self demands our utmost care and attention.” -Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune


The ideal thinking paradigm: 1/5 existentialist (does something exist or not?). 1/5 wisher (can something be made to exist or not?). 1/5 human calculator (how does something relationally exist in respect to other things?). 1/5 probabilitally statistical value judger (is… Read more…