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The Cog to The Gearworks and The Grist to The Mill


As opposed to ALL other forms of prescriptivism, government prescriptivist decrees are deterministic, so as to be tautological in ideational standing. If something can be mandated to exist, it comes from old men, not gods, but slaves of even older… Read more…

Colorless Blue Ideas Murder Hedonistically


In the case of smokers vis a vis skiers, does the ice kill you, but not the feeling of cold? Can it be absolutely cold and still survivable? Just as the heat of a cigarette butt is not as dangerous… Read more…

Salvete, Romani

Lytovchenko Olexandr Kharon

Ancient Roman soldiers laid a personal bribe of two gold coins on every eyeless corpse’s head, to ensure the keeper of the ferry of the river Stix, Charon, carried their bodies safely accross to the underworld, and to ensure that… Read more…