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Life Has Never Been More Fake


Names for this tech: Hallucinations Illusions Ghosting Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Visual Overlays Aenima Telepresence Holograms Holographs Telephantasm GUI Wrapper Heads Up Display IRL Wireframes IRL Deepfakes 3D Skins Happens to me all the time, at home and away from… Read more…

Super Freaky Reptile Reality

Yoshi Eating

Last night, I tried choke holding the gila monster that ate my legs as it invited itself into my home for seconds. The creature was growing through my reality, like these things normally do, so I punched and then grabbed… Read more…

In the Throes of Ennui

Virtual Reality

With the reliability of perceptions in doubt, seeing as any impressions within a person’s being can be fabricated by an external party, I resultantly find that the core of my intellectual framework is void of the ability to undergo environmental conditioning any… Read more…