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Take Heed, Wild-Eyed Child of the Sun


I find, in the 21st century, that almost all newly conceived [nouns and forms and conspiracy-theories] are oftentimes deduceably true, despite their unlikelihood; it is now a cliche that the wildest fantasy can be seen as reality.   There are… Read more…

This Doomsday Clock Design Purrs Like A Kitten

doomsday clocks

Amazing new product: Doomsday Clock! The Doomsday Clock is really a Relativistic Time Minifabrication System Restore for the Universe. By referencing time minifabrication shenanigans, we must look to accelerated Pocket Universes (Rapidly Expanding or contracting bubbles [or more generally, topologies] in… Read more…

Tags Downed


Tagging of this site has determined the need for a multifont, all-inclusive, radially vectorized, semantic-clusterally proximal, 3D tag cloud search engine for this beast.

I Am Rubber, You Are Glue, Bounces Off Me, Sticks To You

Keep Your Fork Theres Pie Cat

Mix and match my two greatest discoveries in geometry to learn what the next greatest step in mathematics will be: http://www.renaissancemusings.com/factorial-layered-networ…/ (+) http://www.renaissancemusings.com/biosymettrical-mathemati…/ (=) O OO OOO OOOO OOOOO OOOO OOO OO O Essentially, the emergence of multiple nodes in… Read more…