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Thermal Solution

Lego Droid

Guys. Ok guys. Was just rewiring a camera, and I got the flash: “Guys. Ok, guys. Get this:” DREAM SEQUENCE: “SOUND SONAR, THAT TELLS YOU THE DISTANCE AND POSITION OF A SOUND, WOULD BE *GREAT*!!!”

Doctoring is SRS Buisness

Quack Doctor

Suggested Listening: Garbage – Version 2.0 – Medication

My Read On The “Pandemic”

The Big Lebowski – Toe

Many falsehoods have been reported by the media on the subject of the 2020 pandemic. Here’s my quick, “Quote Recall”, of all I’ve said about the pandemic in the last year+: 1. Don’t wear a mask because of a pandemic…. Read more…

Fixing the News


The news on Twitter: “The UN has warned that the violence in Gaza could escalate into a “full-scale war” after Israel carried out heavy airstrikes on Gaza and Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. Since Monday, at least… Read more…

Idle Thought:

Idle Thought:

I was reviewing Twitch Recordings, Commenting on YouTube Videos, [{Reading}^1 and {Wishing] I had something responsible to post} on {Twitter}^1, and Avoiding LinkedIn with all my might this morning. I type a lot, and I fear a lot of my… Read more…