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I Got My Marbles Back

Beach Marble

Step One: Give everyone a marble. Step Two: Start a gigantic game of Gille. How To Play Abdullah Hamad’s Version of Gille For a playfield, use a shallow hemispherical bowl (non-parabolic) divided into four equal quadrants. Each player starts in… Read more…

Da Fuq?


Something that is repeteiively and randomly inserted into civilized thought will eventually gain the bearing of a non-random entity through coincidences between where it exists at a given time, and things that DO occur in a regular pattern.

You Brilliant Being

NINTENDO 64 Super Mario Pie Fragments

We get, “5 Star Ratings”, internet. Really, with restaurant-style michelin stars, reviews on Yelp!, and Rotten Tomatoes’ freshness ratings, it all makes sense to us now. What we DON’T get is why some customer feedback surveys are so limited. For… Read more…

Mommy! Daddy! Look What I Can Do!


The desire in most people to be unique is stronger than their desire to be genuine.


Sentient Shakespeare AI

Through social constructs on the internet, the masses have made the distribution of social contact and communication more efficient, allowing many conversations to be held instead of few in a given amount of time. We don’t even have to travel… Read more…

Mighty is the Swarm


Peityr hovered just above the base of his seat. An intricate network of buckles, straps, wires, and belts was the only thing that kept him from floating away. The nausea and restlessness was immense in zero gravity, so much so,… Read more…

Child’s Play


The sextodiduelogistic mashup of the century: (‎MastersVsSlaves‬‪) Vs (‎TeachersVsStudents) Vs (‎CowboysVsIndians) Vs (‎SpacemenVsAliens) Vs (‎CopsVsRobbers) Vs (‎DoctorsVsPatients‬)

Opportunity Rings the Doorbell and Runs Away


America: “The land of opportunity!” Just remember – your very livelihood is someone else’s opportunity, since each citizen is supported to the same basic extent by the government, and all further changes of fortune that happen after that point are… Read more…

Virtually Naked

Naked Guy At Compuer

Let’s all just admit that the P in VPN stands for Public, not Private. I am worried, once more, about my computer’s secret, background-VPN-passthrough. You know – The one that ensures that everything I do on my desktop deck is… Read more…