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Burn, Baby, Burn

TF2 Pyro

In ancient Rome, crews of pyromaniacial firemen were enlisted by The Republic to burn down buildings to make room for new projects, instead of putting them out, like in modern times. It takes a pyromaniac to know you should stay… Read more…

Shopping With Discretion

Fat Wallet

Some people price things highly as an indicator you shouldn’t buy them. Some people price things highly as an indicator that they are very rare and very high quality. Determining which is which can, at times, be a death sentence.

The Incontinent Squid


Once upon a time, there was a land of squid. The squid were incontinent. Every time they got scared, they let off ink! One day, all the squid got scared, and the ocean was filled with dark, goopy filth. Everything… Read more…

Now Don’t Start That Again


When counting pennies, it is fastest to put the uncounted pennies in a pile, and use your index and middle finger to pull two pennies aside at a time into a new pile, while reciting the two’s table. Ambidextrous people… Read more…

The Million Side Throwdown – Calculating Margins


New game: There is a set of dice hidden in a container and a group of people playing who are half or a third as numerous as the number of dice. Each die has an arbitrary positive number of sides… Read more…