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Funny Thing About the Usefulness of Metal and Paper

Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln on the penny is way more important than Abe Lincoln on the five dollar bill… Protip: Drink out of metal cups, not paper ones.

Terminator Zer0?


Two Hipster-Popular subjects that need to be mashed up: Taxidermy and Drones

At a Loss for Words


Suggested listening: Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In the End – Da Vinci Lyrics: I tried taking a picture of you When I look at it nothing comes through Sometimes I wonder if you’re just a ghost And I… Read more…

Fine Whine


Can we do a “governmental regulation map” using a top down view of all the businesses in a city, and see which governmental agency is in control of their practices by in a pop up list next to the building?… Read more…

Combat Degaydeflation!


Always read 3 semant units from right to left, at least in Greek/German/English. Four or more? You figure it out. Binarily and Logically: (De(Gay(De(Flation))) or (De(Gay(DeFlation))) or (DeGay(De(Flation))) or (DeGay(DeFlation)))

In Need of New Hobby

Ms Pacman

Microsoft claims to have lost their way in the PC software and gaming realm, which is their inception and their strong suit. I posit: They haven’t lost their way. Stifling PC development and subverting everything to DLC (monetized downloadable content),… Read more…

Isn’t Ogling for Boobs?

Kanye Ogling

Does Google get its name from the number Googol (a one with 100 zeroes after it)? Does Google get its name from the Russian author Nikolai Gogol? No. In fact the word Google is made of two parts, and can… Read more…

“Boo,” I Say! “Boo!”

Freddy Krueger

I like horror stories. Let me rephrase that: I LOVE horror stories. However, I hate how the horror genre has creeped into other genres, making it impossible to find high-production media that doesn’t have nightmares creeping in every corner. Totalitarian… Read more…