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Asymmetric Cooperation


Working together to form a cohesive strategy, successful dialogue, and effective activity. Proteam action is where it’s at.


Pencil Pushing

Forward slashes in URLs should be used so as to mean transmission of info from server to user. Backslashes in URLs should be used so as to mean blockage of info from server to user. Everyone should know when they are… Read more…


Water Bear

Strangely, I think environmental subservience would cure me of lack of foresight and make me feel more at home in my own skin. Subservience to things that are smaller than can be seen with the naked eye individually, things that… Read more…

I Thank the Muses


It is an auspicious day. The RetroFates are in full swing. Id est, a lot of strange events from the past originated from moments during this day. (In which case my futile life is destined to regress into anarchy due… Read more…

The Dreamer is Awake

Messy Bed

I regained consciousness briefly in bed today. A voice in my head told me to approach the animal. I approached blackness until I saw feline white fur. Then the voice asked me what animal I saw. I told the voice… Read more…

An Insult to Goats Everywhere

Baws Goat

So many businesses just put names and pie-in-the-sky wishes on a piece of paper with mission statements, essentially advertising services without anything to back their promises, waiting for some schmuck to fund them. Upstart-start-ups, with rose-tinted glasses… So many others just… Read more…

I Do Declare! Constantly…

Declaration of Independence

Has anyone else ever read The Declaration of Independence? It’s mostly just a screed against King George, like the revolutionaries were going to take this list of transgressions to their daddies and have them do something about it. I think… Read more…

Keep it in Your LANs

Wind Up Binoculars

While Wide Area Networks are convenient for research in statistics, most businesses shouldn’t store or transfer user data online. Local Area Networks make more sense for the vast majority, as it helps groups with need for privacy avoid security holes…. Read more…

Judge, Jury, and Executioner


Updated Prescriptive Definition: Arrest: (vb.) To put another at ease. To stop another’s laborious behavior. To let another rest. Updated Descriptive Definition: Arrest: (vb.) To torture, countermand, and kill posthaste, unjustly.

Verdict: Crazy

Judge Judy

Is there a mental instability where people are famous, only to themselves? Can you say there’s talent there, and go along with it? Or would you instinctively discount something, just because you assume everyone is wrong? Is automatically discounting things… Read more…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Increase, One-off, Sequester

Don Cheadle Captain Planet

Traditionally, we define green power as power that comes from renewable, environmentally-friendly sources, like wind power, geothermal power, and solar power. Sadly, some companies have redefined green power as power that results in money surpluses, and broadened the scope of… Read more…