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Y Hello Thar

Hello Nurse

Fractions are our friends. Decimals are our lovers.

Simplifying Human Morality


There’s a direct line of competition between dogs that want to piss on something they’ve never eaten before, pigs that want to eat something they’ve never seen before, and parrots that want to see something they’ve never heard before. Aside… Read more…

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes


Economic spending is oftentimes more effective if purchasers spend money on what smart people are spending money on. This leads to short-term gains in consumer’s living situations, as good, well-researched, luxury products reach the market. Taken to its extreme, though,… Read more…

The Limit of Security as x Approaches Infinity

Police Profiling

Just the knowledge that something CAN be used incorrectly, for dangerous purposes, is often the same as the knowledge that something WILL be used incorrectly, or for dangerous purposes, when dealing with large groups of people. A large enough sample… Read more…

You’re Killing Me, Smalls


Weight, commonly defined as mass times gravity, is actually measured by a body’s ability to apply leverage to a spring or lever, be it physical or “digital”. Therefore, high weight is a strength advantage, but due to the difficulty in… Read more…