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Current Events: Modern Computing Travails

Windows Logo

Ahhh, the Windows 8 experiment is over almost before it started. The world of computing is very different today than what it was only less than a decade ago. It seems everything can be turned off remotely at the flip… Read more…

Current Events: Time Dilation

Grandfather Clock

Boo to Boo to Boo to Microsoft Exchange. has a vicious lag in loading my inbox. is sending me spam messages from my own email address. Both are umbrellas-sites, bordering on the criminal in utility. Does the… Read more…

Current Events: Blue Sky

Cloud Computing Diagram

What are all you’s guys using for internet transfer? IPX, ISDN, TCP/IP, FiOS, Dish, SMS, 3G, 4G, et cetera? I’m wondering if I can get better network content by switching transfer protocols. A lot of my content appears to be… Read more…

Current Events: Media Dearth (NSFW)


If you’re unsatisfied with your video download options, try downloading additional media players and codecs, like DivX, VideoLan’s VLC player, the K-Lite package (R.I.P Kazaa), and Matroska. It might open up new media for your perusal. If a movie seems… Read more…

Current Events: Hospital Corruption

Fat and Sassy

Some hospitals lie about patients’ weight with broken equipment, or give them weight-gain substances mixed in with their medications, so they can overprescribe doses based on wight charts when passing out psychoactivating medications. In places where good drugs are distributed,… Read more…

Not You Too, Hawking!

Humorous Hawking

We don’t often get new insights into astrophysics, but I have one about Stephen Hawking that may tickle your fancy. In Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, a theory is expounded upon in which time slows down as you… Read more…

Will Post for Food

Transfer Icon Arrows

In a perfect world, users would pay service providers for downloads and charge service providers for uploads, based on a ranking and voting system that quantified the user-defined value for both. If the thing being downloaded is ads, users should… Read more…

My Life Was Saved by Rock and Roll


CD purchases are traditionally far less seedy in content than internet-purchased music. Cassette tapes are even better. I would imagine LPs would be an improvement over that. Who listens to free radio anymore, anyway?

Not Too Friendly, but Technically Correct Speech

Hitler Speaking Technique

I don’t favor public speakers that use excessive amounts of ingressive speech patterns in their dialogues. Ingressive speech is all about the production of sound while sucking the vocal medium (usually air) INTO the lungs. It’s a good tactic for… Read more…