You Brilliant Being

We get, “5 Star Ratings”, internet. Really, with restaurant-style michelin stars, reviews on Yelp!, and Rotten Tomatoes’ freshness ratings, it all makes sense to us now.

What we DON’T get is why some customer feedback surveys are so limited. For the exceptionally bad ones, that have 3-10 choices for how we think about something, why can’t we cut off a star arm to show a fraction of 1/5 change, all the way down to 0/5, for each individual star? This could be done as a simple graphical modification to a regular star in a regular ratings system, and mediated by clicking the same star after it has been clicked to cycle between 0/5 and 5/5.

As always with any scientific advancement on the anonymized internet, abuse and bullying are a risk. What we DON’T want is for star ratings to be switched around for PUNISHING people (ew, gross, smell this!), instead of REWARDING them (high five!).

(No, Netflix and iTunes and Amazon, I dont want to see your 1/5 Star items.)
Just remember, they made a special, uncuttable 6th leg, and that leg is YOU, since anything should seem so fakely special as that, there is definitely someone out there going for that 0/6.
Maybe when a person is set to voting, after something has reached a specific upper limit of low votes, the object should drop off of the suggestion table of the database completely, so that no one else who is searching for things at length can find it as a result of a blind search, until its rating is restored.

I’m 100% certain that some internet boutiques highlight low-star items in their presentations in order to sell them more and get rid of stock, without dropping prices on them, becuase they know that their shipping business model on niche goods has people in chains, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to return a shipped item through an arcane system of forms, phone calls, mail, contractors, and shell corporations.
After a heavily weighted poll; Suggested Viewing: Retarded Mario 64
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