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Chrono Trigger Boss Heckran – Yes Indeed

Programmers, Tech Support Agents, Community Service Representatives, and Moderators are all different things.

I’ve studied to perform the tasks related to some of these, but you shouldn’t assume a person who has the title of one can do the services of any of them, or would even want to.

If you’re crowdsourcing work, like maybe running illogical and rude and antisocial statements past a bunch of people constantly because you want them to debate the idiots who make those statements, you should probably be put in jail and have your life’s work voided.

It is important to keep these different areas of work focused on their chosen tasks, so they can handle with expert efficiency the things that their job skills are targeted to resolve. It’s even more important that you pay them for it.

For that matter, you could try and make a similar distinction between students of Communication, English, Linguistics, and Translation. It’s all very similar backgrounds with very different mechanisms of labor and very different inputs and outputs.

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