x% off


Marketal Advertisement Rule:
[x% off]=
[[[x]*[[0]/[0]]] off]=
[[0] off]=
[Full Price]

Mathematical Algebrant Rule:
[x% off] =
[[[Price]-[[Price]*[[x]/[100]]]]where[[ [[0]<[x]<[100]] ]]

Langual Writing Rule:
[x% off] =
[[Price minus x per cent] where [[[[price] is [amount to be passed from buyer to seller]]] and [per is [[/] and [quantity before [per and /] is x and is divided by quantity after [per and /]]]] which is [cent or [[100] or [one hundred]]]]

Further Notes: Mathematical Set Theory Rule for Possible Values of X and Probable Value of X
[x%] is written [0%] [1/x times], in order to account for all possible values of x. The probability that x is any given value between numbers a and b, while a=0 and b=100, is determined by observance of the properties of the world. Therefore, while [x%] is written [0%] [1/x times] to account for the number of possible values of x, the probability that [x%] is written [0%] for a particular real world quantity, is to be determined by the being and will of the world, or a [subset or superset] of the [being and will] of a [subset or superset] of the world.

Further Notes: Dividing by 0
Depending on who you ask, dividing a number n by zero can mean different things in different situations. In some situations, n/0 = 0. In some situations, n/0 is as big as big can be, particularly when 0 is treated as the very smallest possible, and still existant amount, given a global set that includes the quantity n and the division of n that is called 0.

Invariably, I don’t do the brackets correctly. A bracket is written as [ for an opening bracket and  ] for a closing bracket. Whatever is between the brackets constitutes a single quantity. Using bracket notation, [bracket] = [[][]] = [quantity]. After writing an imperfect thought, I post my thought and lose credit to someone who copies me and does brackets correctly. To fix my mistake, I repost an edit with correct brackets. Sadly, I almost always lose my life to copy protectors who say they were first, even though I actuated the greatest amount of potential. Also, the context of all scripts I produce, including all contexts of world, including all context of words, are subject to change, in order to spite, me and anyone else trying to get ahead, by leading to contrapositive  and pronickative things.

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