What the Hell Just Happened?

Incoming Alien

In direct contrast to the Anthropic Principle, whereby every perceivable phenomenon is caused for mankind, in a mankind-centered universe, designed specifically so that mankind might conceive of it, I propose the Xenopic Principle: Most phenomenon in the universe are caused by collections of non-human living beings (Xenoids), and can only be understood as such, if at all, by each of them in their own way.

Most living things leave brilliant impressions upon the space which they occupy. Even living things which move, consume, grow, scale, niche, temporally diverge, reproduce, and leave off differently than people, such as plants, fungi, bacterium, fish, ghosts, birds, gods, dinosaurs, virii and annelids.

What can be said of the phenomenon which we experience as a result of the actions of these makers? Many of us encounter sensational things when coming into contact with the chemistries and physiques of other living beings. We can smell, hear, see and touch because of waves and corpuscles that travel through the space around us and interact with our sensory organs such as our noses, ears, eyes, and nerves. We even know about the speed of light and sound carried by these waves and corpuscles, by experimenting on and studying our surroundings using the very senses we are probing the functionality of. However, these senses are only elements of a larger individual (usually) human consciousness, as experienced through our perception and observation of our humble surroundings. Limit yourself beyond what you are capable of experiencing, for example, by imagining what it would be like to belong to a species without eyes and ears, and you would have to assume that we wouldn’t know of these sensations if we were different. Perhaps there are organs belonging to some of these other beings to sense things that could not be experienced by us, and are beyond what our human senses are capable of capturing. Perhaps we even possess senses for forces of nature that are experiencable by our own bodies and yet aren’t even commonly known about or fully defined.

The universe is just so big that it makes the argument for living creatures being present everywhere in the universe, and responsible for most of its occurrences is undeniable. Perhaps the majority of information in this universe is intended for some of these other species, and in the capacity to experience this information, we are merely outsiders.

Incidentally, it also makes the idea of panspermia (cosmic origins for life on Earth) as the explanation for our roots on this planet, that much stronger, along with our obvious inability to coexist with other living beings upon Earth’s surface, or survive in most of it’s hectic environments.

Just remember: You are not alone. We have each other to rely on, and not much else in the tiny realm of space which we occupy together.

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