Tough Guy, Huh?

I wonder if there is a phase of matter such that,

gas : liquid :: solid ::: phase x,

in terms of permissivity of force of space.

The proposed phase x matter would be able to pass through solid matter, as solid passes through liquid and gas, and solid and liquid pass through gas, yet phase x matter would be as imperceptible and unavoidable to solid forms as solid forms are to liquid and gas. Strength AND subtlety.

I would assume that, like gas or liquid, the perturbance of a phase x object passing through a solid would be not unlike that of solid passing through liquid, or liquid passing through gas. Think, “Pebble in a pond”, and, “Blade through skin”.

Phase x matter is the only rational explanation for reports of quantum tunneling, the science used to explain how transistors work.

Inter phasic intra phasic systems should be monitored.

My tapwater comes into my unit at the triple presence point of gas, solid, and liquid water. It is not sufficiently controlled for me to survive upon.

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