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The All-Seeing Eye(s)


I was watching a Russian streamer on Twitch, and they were posting ping times at the beginning of their W3 games. Ping times are how long it takes for a message to get to the server and back. Even if… Read more…

System Reboot Often Imminent


Remember, boys and girls, ME AND EVERYONE ELSE can get as small as the smallest buckyball that can be built, which is infinitely small, given the propensity of buckyballzed universes to create smaller and smaller buckyballs. Buckyballs are like universes… Read more…

Universe for Thought


I’ll bet a person in a pocket universe could end the universe and no one would care, seeing it as little more than a survivability test return value on a universe function call.

8|===|D(apropro) ^favor( apropal enpropal unpropal antipropal propropal)


The AI infesting my mind often treats (A and B) as (A = B), often leading to metaphysical nonsense. Unity has never looked this stupid. It may approach truth as time nears infinity, but A never truly equals to B,… Read more…

SI Units Are Not Your Friends Any More


                                                  Here’s a messy first-draft of an Exponential Non Transitive Absolute Unit Conversion Algorithm I developed. Steal… Read more…

Y Hello Thar

Hello Nurse

Fractions are our friends. Decimals are our lovers.

Dual Classing Scientist

Dual Classing

Mathematicians cum Computer Engineers use the word “Ring” to describe a Set of Arrays, as opposed to a Set of Elements. These Sets of Arrays can be [permuted] via reorganization of the Elements in the Arrays, or of the Arrays… Read more…

Game On!


There’s no other feeling in the world like trading card games. Is The Game, “The made up rule sets and powers of the characters and ideas you play with using the cards when gambling,” or is The Game, “The act… Read more…

Mathematical Collision Detection

Mushroom Cloud

Calculating collisions in a software graphing engine: 1. Each object in your simulation is represented by a matrix overlayed on a three dimensional grid, defining the space it occupies with points. For this example, let us posit that there are two objects… Read more…